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Those Fake Blue Pills

Even if you're a woman, you've probably gotten a lot ofcomputer spam trying to sell you the male impotence drugViagra. But it turns out most of this Viagra is fake, andPfizer, the company that makes the drug, wants to dosomething about it.

Pfizer is trying to stop websites from selling fake pillsand spammers from sending out messages...

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In Vitro May Pass on Genetic Problems

Many couples choose to have babies using in-vitro fertilization because the man's sperm count is too low to father children any other way. However, this low sperm count could be due to a genetic defect that affects more than sperm, and when these fathers use in-vitro to produce offspring, they are passing their defective genes along.

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Sex Differences

We recently reported that scientists think humans should try behaving more like our close cousins, the chimpanzees. In some ways we already do: chimp females learn faster than males, the same thing that happens with humans.

Shaoni Bhattacharya writes in New Scientist that young female chimps are faster and better learners than young...

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Animals Choose Their Children's Sex?Why Can't We?

Some mammals, such as zebras, gazelles, deer and goats, can adjust the sex of their offspring?something human parents have been trying to do for many years. They produce males when conditions are good for childbearing, and daughters at less favorable times. And there is a mysterious town in India where almost everyone gives birth to twins.

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Sex at the Superbowl

In her new diary, Anne Strieber writes: As I contemplate the newest media scandal of the bared breast at the Superbowl halftime show, I find myself with conflicting emotions. I did notice that a lot of the choreography was of the bump-and-grind variety, which didn't seem appropriate for what is supposed to be a family event. I've long thought...

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Do You Know What Sex You Are?

President Bush has criticized professional athletes for using steroids. These were heavily used in the former East Germany, to the extent that one female athlete, who was given steroids from a young age, decided to have an operation to become a man. Andreas Krieger, born a woman but now a married man, says, "They killed Heidi." And in a...

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Bad Sex Award (for writing, anyway)

There's a lot of awkward writing in novels, particularly when it comes to sex. In the U.K. they've done something about it: they've created the Bad Sex in Fiction Award. Keep reading for scintillating excerpts from some of the nominees.

Some famous U.S. authors were nominated this year, including John Updike, Paul Theroux and Tama...

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Spiders Never Forget Their First Love

Like females everywhere, spiders never forget their first romance. A study of spiders shows female wolf spiders will eat strange-looking males that try to mate with them, but spare familiar-looking males. Anthropologist Eileen Hebets says, "The female is using earlier experience that is going to affect her mate choice later. It is reasonable to...

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Sexuality Not a Choice

While some people still insist that homo- (and hetero-) sexuality is a "choice," scientists disagree?according to the latest research, we're born with our sexuality hardwired into our genes.

"Our findings may help answer an important question?why do we feel male or female?" says geneticist Eric Vilain. "Sexual identity is rooted in every...

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Go Ahead

Scientists say sex is good for us, and that abstinence should only be practiced in moderation. Having regular sex can help you live a longer, healthier life. Researcher Shah Ebrahim says, "The relationship found between frequency of sexual intercourse and mortality is of considerable public interest."

Alan Farnham writes in

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Herpes Can Lead to Dementia

Three common viruses appear to increase the risk that elderly people will suffer from dementia. One of these is the widespread sexually transmitted herpes virus.

People with a history of infection with at least two of the viruses?two strains of herpes and a microbe called cytomegalovirus?were twice as likely to show significant mental...

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Is Male Cheating Normal?

Shankar Vedantam writes in the Washington Post that scientists are debating whether male infidelity is biologically normal. A recent worldwide survey of more than 16,000 people revealed that men?whether single, married or gay?want more sexual partners than women do.

"This study provides the largest and most comprehensive test yet...

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It's Good for You

Douglas Fox writes in New Scientist that although males have long been told that masturbation is bad for them, it's actually healthy. Australian researcher Graham Giles found out that the more men masturbate between the ages of 20 and 50, the less likely they are to develop prostate cancer. He asked 1079 men with prostate cancer to fill out a...

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Secret Sex Lives of Women

Scientists have long been puzzled by a basic contradiction: Men brag about having lots of sex partners, but women claim to have sex with fewer men, so one group has to be lying. Are men bragging or are women being discreet?

Terri Fisher and Michele Alexander gave women a fake lie detector test and came to the conclusion that it?s the...

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The Terrible Sex Lives of Bugs

We've learned that, after sex, the female praying mantis bites the head off her mate and eats him. Now Philip Cohen writes in New Scientist magazine that in one species of orb-weaving spiders, sex means certain death, because the deceased male's corpse is trapped in the female's genitalia. Is sex worth it?

"I was stunned that his...

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Sex?the New Frontier

Psychologists have found that taking birth control pills changes women's taste in men. Women on the pill like more macho types, with strong jaw lines and prominent cheekbones. These traits are linked to macho personality traits because testosterone builds up these bones during puberty, and higher testosterone is linked to aggression and...

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Panda Dating Service

One of zookeepers' biggest problems is getting pandas to procreate?they just aren't very sexy?or maybe they're just extremely fussy about who they go out with. China wants to release giant pandas back into the wild, but can't risk it until more of them are available. They've tried "panda porn"?explicit videos of pandas mating?as well as drugs...

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Sex and Gore Must Stay

The Directors Guild of America may take legal action against companies that sell edited versions of films with the sex and gore taken out. Most of these companies are in Utah and sell censoring software or already-altered videos and DVDs which have graphic language, sexual content and violence removed. The DGA says altering movies amounts to...

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Sex May Be Bad for You

Scientists have discovered that sex may be bad for yourhealth. When researchers studied why some insects have ashorter life span than others, they discovered their earlydemise is caused by hormones associated with sex.

Dr. Jens Rolff and Dr. Michael Siva-Jothy at the Universityof Sheffield in the U.K. studied mealworm beetles, which...

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For Sex, Use the Patch

Gals: If you decide to go for hormone replacement therapy (HRT), the patch is better than the pill when it comes to your sex life. "HRT, when administered via a patch, allows a woman's body to better utilize the androgens she already has, resulting in improved libido," says researcher Subir Roy.

Many post-menopausal women report their...

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Sex Doesn?t Sell

Viewers are constantly complaining about too much sex and violence on television (even though these shows have the highest ratings). Lots of sex and violence attracts viewers aged 18 to 34, which are the ones advertisers want to reach most.

But it turns out sex doesn?t sell?and neither does violence. Sex and violence-filled TV shows put...

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What Makes Men Romantic?

Men are more likely to pay attention to their female partners around the time of ovulation. This could be an evolutionary strategy to keep women away from other men during fertile periods, say the researchers who carried out the questionnaire study.

There?s a good reason for this: It?s been discovered that between one and 30 per cent of...

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