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"Robot Sex" Helps Scientists To Study Evolution

The study of evolutionary patterns has received a helping hand from technology, in the form of a small colony of rampant robots.

Using robotic subjects, it was possible to accelerate the trends that drive evolution allowing thousands of years of generational progressions to be condensed into just a matter of days.
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Why Your Pills Don't Work

There are lots of ways that men and women are different from each other, and one of these is reactions to the drugs they take.

For instance, men metabolize sleeping pills faster...
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What if Women Ruled

What if more women were in leadership positions? Things still wouldn't be perfect, but things might be better: for one thing, we would probably have less war. Women often experience life differently, and that experience affects the way they see--and solve--...
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Different Sexes Laugh at Different Jokes

Both men and women seem to believe that men are funnier than women. And men are particularly responsive to other men's humor. Women, however, find men funnier because they mistakenly attribute funny things to men. Women often say they prefer a man who...
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Think You're a Woman? You May be Part Male!

Male DNA is commonly found in the brains of women, most likely derived from prior pregnancy with a male fetus. While the medical implications of male DNA and male cells in the brain are unknown, the harboring of genetic material and cells that were exchanged between fetus and mother during pregnancy has been linked to autoimmune diseases and...
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Gaydar is Instinctive

Gaydar is the ability to "sense" whether or not someone is gay. While it can be used to reinforce a person's animosity towards homosexuals, it can also save someone time--it's no use flirting with someone of the other sex who is only interested in...
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Problems With Your Sex Life? Lose Weight

Fat people have more cancer and less sex, so losing weight will not only make you more attractive, weight loss acts as a kind of natural...
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Why Sex is Good

We all think we know why sex is good, but not the way biologists do. These scientists have speculated for a long time on why all living things don’t simply reproducing by splitting like amoebas. It doesn'...
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Bike Riding Can Ruin a WOMAN'S Sex Life Too

In the past, we've warned men that riding a bike can ruin your sex life. Now it turns out this is true for women too: Spending time on a bicycle seat, which has been linked to erectile dysfunction in men, may also be a hazard to a woman’s sexual health. With...
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What Makes a Man Sexy

When it comes to the birds and the bees (NOTE: Subscribers can still listen to this show), women know what to look for. In birds, bright male...
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Why Red Dresses are Sexy

Red is the color of "stop," but it's also the color of love, and a woman wearing red is often seen as giving "go" signals--either intentionally or unintentionally--to the men around her, and it makes men feel more amorous towards women too: When...
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The REAL Aphrodisiacs

Over the centuries, many different foods have been touted as aphrodisiacs. Some of these are ridiculous, like rhino horns (which simply have the right, er, SHAPE). Others are downright dangerous...
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Do You Sleep After Sex?

Science is finally studying what happens after sex--sleep or cuddling. It's not that men sleep and women cuddle, it's more subtle than that. A recent study shows that the tendency to fall asleep first after sex is associated with a greater in your partner for bonding and affection (so try to stay awake and cuddle for awhile).
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What Columbus Brought to the New World

When Christopher Columbus and his crew landed on our shores in 1492, he brought many things with him--among them, the dreaded sexual disease syphilis, which can damage the heart, brain, eyes and bones, and can also be fatal.

This is shown by recent Indian skeletal evidence. In, Charles Q. Choi quotes evolutionary...
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When Sex is Mind-Blowing

A middle-aged woman was admitted to an emergency room with amnesia, unable to remember anything about the past 24 hours EXCEPT having had sex with her husband an hour earlier. Does this mean the sex was very good--or very bad? Probably neither--what's called "transient...
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Old Sinners Picked the Right Parents

People may be getting sick and dying at a younger age than they used to, although some people seem to have found the legendary Fountain of Youth. But people who live...
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Having Sex (and Children?) in Space

After a drink or two, having sex is a natural inclination. Will the lack of gravity be a problem? (It could lead to some interesting "positions"). A trip to even one of our closest stars would take decades and possibly even hundreds of years, spanning...
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What Turns Women On?

This is something that all single men yearn to know, as they practice the "lines" they'll use when they meet a new woman. But it turns out that it's not so much what you SAY that matters, but your tone of voice when you say it (and there's not much you can do about that).

Women are turned on by low male voices. In the same...
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The Reason Things Seem Sexier Now

The portrayal of women in the popular media over the last several decades has become increasingly sexualized, even "pornified." The same is not true of the portrayal of men. This could be a reflection of...
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Want to keep your man? CUDDLE with him!

It doesn't matter how old he is, cuddling and caressing are important ingredients for long-term relationship satisfaction and (surprise!) they are MORE important for men! Also contrary to expectations of researchers, men were more likely to report being happy in their...
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Beware of Internet Sex

We told you that there are spies on Facebook, but what's dangerous is sex offenders lurking on social media sites. Students and young adults are highly susceptible to being contacted by internet sex offenders from the very first time a chat session is initiated. A recent...
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White Weddings Used to be Scandalous

During the recent whirl of the royal wedding in the UK, much attention was focused on the bride's dress. Wedding gowns are getting sexier lately (i.e. going strapless), but that NEVER would have happened during the era of the Queen who STARTED the trend for brides wearing white. And a new study shows that Hollywood continues to be a difficult...
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Have Sex With Your Cell Phone

Our cell phones are tracking us and spying on us--are they doing anything GOOD? Well, they may be delivering some good sex....
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Do Aphrodisiacs Work?

An aphrodisiac is a substance that increases sexual desire (libido), but not necessarily sexual function. Viagra can't help ED until a man is "turned on." Lots of surprising things can affect your sex life. Stress is one of the main causes of erectile...
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Are You Allergic to Sex?

Here's an unfortunate allergy! While sex can be good for you (in many ways), it turns out that even brushing your teeth or waiting hours after eating may not prevent some partners of people...
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What happens afterwards? - There's evolution at work when she wants to cuddle after sex (and he, well, doesn't).

That's the conclusion of a new study, anyway. Psychologist Susan Hughes says, "The vast majority of the research on the evolutionary psychology of human reproduction focuses on what's before and leading up to...

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Prehistoric Sex

As might be expected, sex was the main driving force in evolution (although not all prehistoric creatures were sexy). In today's world, how fast we modern humans can judge whether or not someone of the opposite sex is looking at us depends on how masculine or feminine they look.

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AT LAST: Male birth control may actually become a reality. And it will (of course) be reversible.

A blast of ultrasound to the testicles can safely stop sperm production for 6 months. BBC News quotes researcher James Tsuruta as saying, "We think this could provide men with up to six months of reliable, low-cost, non-hormonal...

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Women Deserve Great Sex Too

Ladies: we can wear their shirts and use their cologne. Now we can use their sex drugs too!

One needs only turn on the television to understand that significant advances have been made in the cure and treatment of male sexual dysfunction. Less visible progress has been made in understanding and treating female sexual disorders (FSD), a...

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