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Is There A Russian Satellite Saboteur In Space?

Circling high above us in space, a mysterious object is being tracked by the US military. The strange object, which has been entitled Object 2014-28E, was secretly launched in May by the Russian military, but nobody knows its purpose and so far Moscow’s ministry of defence is remaining tight-lipped.

2014-28E first came to the...
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The "McMoon's" Project: Civilians Take Control of Ex-NASA Satellite

Thirty years ago, having your own mobile phone or computer was a rarity, and was considered to be the ultimate in technological sophistication. Now it is far more rare to find an individual who does not possess some form of hi-tech device, and even our "silver-surfing" grandparents are techno-savvy.

So in these...
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Gravity Could Help To Predict Floods Months in Advance, Say Scientists

A recent study could help scientists predict impending floods months before they occur.

The study states that a pair of NASA satellites, known collectively as GRACE, have detected variations in gravitational pull from saturated river basins that appear to be accurate indicators of flooding.

The report, which was...
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Pentagon Secret Plane Has Been In Space For Almost 500 Days - And They Still Won't Say What It's Doing There...

The X-37B, the U.S. Air Force's secret robotic space plane, has now been in orbit for almost 500 days, a record-breaking time period for space endurance. The latest version of the relatively tiny spacecraft, which is just one quarter of the size of the space shuttles, was launched in December 2012 on a top-secret mission.

The X-37B...
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China is Hacking Our Satellites

Hackers interfered with two US satellites 4 times between 2007 and 2008. These incidents involved observation systems which targeted through a ground station in Norway which are used to observe the earth's climate and terrain (or is that just the "cover story?") 
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Rogue Satellite Threatens Earth

Sometimes science is amazing: A large piece of space trash in the form of a runaway communications satellite is changing Earth's orbit and interfering with signals coming from other satellites, such as the ones that power your cable TV and cell phone.

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Satellite Will Fall to Earth Today--UPDATE

NASA has issued a rare alert, warning residents from South Florida to Australia that heavy chunks of a dying, 3 ? ton satellite could strike their areas on Thursday, January 31.

As many as 9 pieces of debris weighing up to 100 pounds each could survive as NASA?s Extreme Ultraviolet Explorer plunges through the atmosphere. The space...

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