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Poll for Subscribers!

Let us know - As we move to our new website, we are considering changing to the Paypal subscription management system. This would mean that, when your current subscription runs out, you would renew through Paypal rather than through our current system. Other than that, there would be no change in your logon...

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We Get Pollwhacked!

A small number of users repeat voted in our current pollabout John Kerry and the Swiftboat Ads. Oddly, a few of themrepeated on both sides of the question, but by far thelargest number of repeat votes were in favor of Kerry beinga liar. We have adjusted the poll to remove most of theserepeats, and, when it was adjusted, it appeared that you...

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Reveal Your Politics

In our last poll, we asked you, "How has your weather changed?" This time we're asking you "What are your politics?" (All replies are anonymous). We list almost every political affiliation possible, but you can check "Other" as well. As for weather, 48% say it's "Somewhat more violent and changeable," 25% say it's "About the same," 20% say it's...

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What's Your Religion? (And a New Meditation)

In our current poll, we're asking you your religion. Remember, all answers are anonymous, so you can be honest. Last time, we asked for your opinion on Whitley's Easter journal entry on faith. Now Whitley has a new meditation for subscribers that is designed to enable communication with other levels of reality. This unusual and powerful...

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April Fool's?Should We Do It Again?

On April 1st, we ran our traditional joke page. In our latest poll, we asked you, "Should we do this again next year?or stop?" We were glad to find out that most of our readers have a good sense of humor. Over 87% of you said we should continue with our April Fool's Day page. A little over 12% said we should cease and desist.

In our...

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What's Your Favorite Dreamland Show?

Let us know by voting in our new poll! To learn the results of our controversial last poll: Should gay marriage be allowed??read on.

There were many multiple votes, with about 80% of them being for the constitutional amendment choice, and the vast majority of these coming from just a few individuals. Once the extra votes were removed,...

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Should Gay Marriage Be Allowed?

In our new poll, you can choose from: No, and there should be a constitutional amendment forbidding it; No, but states should have the right to decide; Yes, but states should have the right to decide; Yes, as a basic right that should be affirmed by the courts; and No, but civil unions should be allowed. Tell us what you think and keep reading...

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Will JPL Conceal Signs of Life on Mars?

In our last poll, we asked you what you thought. 27% of you said "No"?that reporting from Mars will be accurate. 26% thought they would only conceal signs of intelligent life. 18% of you said they'll conceal any life they find. 11% thought they would be very guarded in their reporting and 10% thought they'd conceal higher life forms, such as...

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How Do You Listen to Dreamland?

In order to make Dreamland radio more accessible to our listeners, we want to know how you listen to us, so please vote in our new poll today!

NOTE: This news story, previously published on our old site, will have any links removed.

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Help for Dealing with the Dark Side

Many of you were disturbed by Whitley's recent Journal about the "dark side" of the UFO experience. In his new Journal, he writes, "?Let me illustrate just how complicated this question of 'good vs. evil' can all be, using an experience from my own life." He also has a new meditation up that deals with protecting oneself from negative aspects...

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How Do You Handle Close Encounters?

In our new poll we ask you how you handle, or expect to handle, close encounters. Have you had some and never told anyone? Or have you told and had good?or bad?results? In our last poll we asked you who you think killed JFK. Keep reading for those results?

33% of you think it was a conspiracy, but not any of the ones mentioned in the...

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Who Do YOU Think Killed JFK?

Vote in our new poll and tell us what you think the most likely theory of the Kennedy assassination is?Oswald acted alone, it was done by vengeful Cuban exiles, Lyndon Johnson and the Texas political machine did it, the CIA did it because they feared Kennedy was soft on Communism, it was done to prevent him from divulging UFO secrets, it was a...

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What Would You Sacrifice to Slow Down Global Warming?

Small household energy use changes in developed countries will mean huge CO2 emission reductions. Vote in our new poll and tell us whether you think 1. These changes should become law in every developed country, 2. They should be voluntary, 3. We can't affect global warming or 4. Global warming doesn't exist. To learn the results of our last...

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New Poll?How Do You Feel About the Visitors?

Vote in our new poll! This time, we're asking you to tell us, "based on all you know, how would you describe the most important motive of the visitors?" We haven?t forgotten that many of you are "experts," with firsthand experience.

Do you think "They are here to take something from us even if it hurts us," "They are here to take...

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What Do You Think the Future will be Like?

Whitley's interview with British Astronomer Royal Martin Rees about his new book Our Final Hour has inspired this new poll: "What do you expect the next 5 years to be like?"

In our last poll, Whitley was firing up his computer, getting ready to write his next book, so he asked you what his next work of fiction should be. Only 2% want a...

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Vote for Whitley's Next Book

In our last poll, we asked you if you'd participate in a group meditation to communicate with the visitors. Most of you are ready to try: 62% said, "Yes, and I think it would be likely to succeed," and 29% said, "Yes, but I would be surprised if anything happened." 4% said, "No, I think there's too little chance of success" and 5% said, "No,...

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Want to Meditate for Contact?

In our new poll, we ask if you would participate in a group meditation effort intended to communicate with the visitors. Whitley wants to organize such group, which he'll talk about with Lisette Larkins on next week's Dreamland, and he wants to know how many of you are interested.

Keep reading for the results from last weeks poll. Last...

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Was There an Ancient, Unknown Civilization?

Some of our most popular Dreamland guests talk about the great achievements of ancient civilizations that have been forgotten. These books are favorites in our bookstore, as well. Our new poll asks the question: Do you believe that there was a civilization lost in prehistory? We also have the results of our last poll, where we asked you if you...

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Have You Kept Your Abduction Secret?

In our latest poll, we want to find out how many people have close encounters but keep them secret because of the danger of speaking out. Is this a vast, hidden reality, or do most people who have encounters talk about them, at least to family and friends?

NOTE: This news story, previously published on our old site, will have any...

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Foiling a News Blackout

There has been so little news in the U.S. about the new mystery disease SARS, that it's almost a news blackout. Perhaps the news is being downplayed in order to prevent panic, or maybe news organizations are simply preoccupied with the war in Iraq. We decided to go directly to the source?YOU, our readers?in order to find out how SARS is really...

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What are Your Politics?

Far Right, Conservative, Moderate, Liberal, Far Left or None of the Above? Vote in our latest poll, so we can find out where you stand. At unknowncountry, we get criticism for being both too liberal and too far right, so it will be interesting to see where most of our readers and listeners are on the political spectrum.

In our last poll...

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What Interests You Most

In our latest poll, we asked you what topics on Dreamland interest you the most. Here's the list, in order of preference:

1. UFOs and Abductions 2. Lost Worlds of the Past 3. Secret Societies 4. Prophecy 5. Political Conspiracies 6. Psychics 7. Remote Viewing 8. Secrets of Mythology 9. Religion and Philosophy 10. Cryptozoology....

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Tell Us What Interests You Most

Vote in our newest poll and let us know which of the following interests you the MOST: Lost Worlds of the Past, Psychics,UFOs and Abductions, Political Conspiracies, Secret Societies, Prophecy, Remote Viewing, Cryptozoology, Religion and Philosophy, or Secrets of Mythology. Click "Listen Now" on our masthead to hear Echo Bodine talk about her...

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Has the Government Gone Too Far?

In our latest poll, we asked you: Do we need the extreme security measures recently proposed by the Justice Department? Most of you (71%) think the government's gone too far this time. Only 29% of you think they're necessary to fight terrorism. The real question is: Will the government pay attention to polls like this one?


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Is Security Eroding our Freedom?

In our latest poll, we ask the controversial question: Do we need the extreme security measures recently proposed by the Justice Department? Two recent news stories about this problem were posted February 12, Will You Be Watched on the Web? and February 5, Joe College is Being Watched.

NOTE: This news story, previously published...

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Give Peace a Chance

In our latest poll, we asked you how you felt after listening to Colin Powell's address to the UN. Most of you are peaceniks: 45% of you think we should seek a peaceful way to end the crisis. But 36% of you are prepared to go to war, even if we can't convince the UN. 10% think we should attack Iraq only with UN support and 9% think we should...

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How Do You Feel?

In this week's poll we ask you how you feel about the overall performance of George Bush. And whether you're for or against the Iraq war (or undecided), you'll want to join our prayer group in their new prayer for peace. Our new Insight reveals that many elections are fixed--and no, we're NOT talking about the last presidential race.


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You're Ready to GO

If you had 30 seconds to decide whether or not to go to another world, would you take the chance? In our last poll, we wanted to find out how many of you would go with no conditions or only if you could take your loved ones with you (or not at all). It turns out 40% would go with no conditions, 33% only if loved ones could come and 27% wouldn?t...

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Would YOU Go?

If you had 30 seconds to decide whether or not to go to another world, would you take the chance? We want to find out how many of you would go with no conditions or only if you could take your loved ones with you (or not at all), so be sure tovote!

NOTE: This news story, previously published on our old site, will have any links...

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Poll: It's Neck and Neck

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