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People Buried with Love and Honor 15,000 Years Ago

It has been known since the discovery of Neanderthal burials in Shanidar Cave in northern Iraq that they buried their dead with love and honor, and now it has been discovered that modern human were also doing this. The Neanderthal burials date from 60...
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Neanderthal Medicine

Researchers have provided the first molecular evidence that Neanderthals not only ate a range of cooked plant foods, but also understood its nutritional and medicinal qualities. Oetzi, he prehistoric "iceman" (who was not a Neanderthal),...
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Sexy Neanderthals?

By studying fossilized Neanderthal bones, scientists have determined that this species was extremely promiscuous. If they were having this much fun, why did they die out? Researchers have formed an image of sexy...
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Neanderthal Taste Test

Some people like broccoli and some people don't, and those who do may be related to Neanderthals! This is even more likely if you're a redhead.

Most people find the chemical PTC too bitter, but 25% can't taste it at all, and these are the people who enjoy broccoli. It's due to the kinds of taste buds we have on our tongues, and analysis...

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Finally Decoded

...and some mysteries solved - Scientists have now obtained the entire Neanderthal genome, and 60% of it has been decoded, and there are some surprising findings. First, there is no evidence that Homo Sapiens and Neanderthals interbred. Second, they were genetically as capable of speech as we are, and may well have had complex...

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Dinner With a Cave Man

What kinds of meals did Neanderthals eat? It turns out theyate a wider variety of foods than scientists used to thinkthey did?including an early version of SUSHI.

Caves in Gibraltar that they once lived in reveal that theyate seals, dolphins and mussels.

In BBC News, Jonathan Amos quotes researcher Chris Stringeras saying, "These...

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Neanderthals Were As Smart As Us

New research reveals that Neanderthals, who first appeared around 230,000 to 300,000 years ago, were not dumb, but had the technical and intellectual skills to put them on an equal basis with modern humans. They were capable of making sophisticated tools using a kind of prehistoric superglue that had to be made at a precise temperature.

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