Iran feels under threat from the U.S. since it’s now surrounded by U.S.-controlled Afghanistan and Iraq. Now the mullahs who run the country are being threatened from within, as reform Iranian MPs tell them that they’d better institute the reforms they promised, unless they want to end up like Saddam Hussein.

An open letter signed by 153 of the 290 member Iranian governing body, says Iran is in “a critical situation” and the rulers are losing the support of the people, who overwhelmingly voted for reform. President Mohammad Khatami, who got 70% of the vote, has failed to deliver on his extensive reformist promises.

“The majority of Iranians are waiting for reforms, but have reached the conclusion that their votes are meaningless,” the MPs say. They warn the mullahs that “the Iraqi people stood by without any reaction during the occupation of their country” and say they?d better take a lesson from history?before it’s too late.

History is created every day, in new ways.

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