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Columbia Disaster Blamed on NASA Budget

Lisa Stark writes for that it was more than a piece of foam that caused the Columbia shuttle to disintegrate in space, killing seven astronauts?complacency and the tight budget at NASA did it too.

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CSI from Space Technology

The FBI is working with two NASA scientists to solve crimes. Scientists Paul Meyer and David Hathaway have invented Video Image Stabilization and Registration (VISAR) software, using their experience analyzing satellite video from space. VISAR changes the dark, jittery images captured by security systems and video cameras in police cars into...

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Astronaut Anti-Barf Training

Despite the recent breakup of the Columbia, astronauts are continuing their training, getting ready for future shuttle trips, although these may contain smaller crews. If you've ever gotten seasick, or airsick in a small plane, think of what astronauts go through. Before they get into the KC-135 weightless trainer, called the "Vomit Comet,"...

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Shuttle Broke Up in Mystery Atmosphere

The space shuttle Columbia broke up in a mysterious area of the upper atmosphere called the ionosphere, which is filled with free electrons?or ions?that can reflect electromagnetic energy, producing strange electrical effects like "elves," "sprites" and "blue jets." Until recently, these were dismissed as illusions seen by tired airline pilots...

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Shuttle Crew Could Have Aborted Launch

The deadly launch of the Columbia space shuttle could have been aborted in time to save the crew, as soon as NASA spotted the large piece of foam that fell from it, but communications problems prevented the information from getting to the right people.

Retired Navy aviator John Macidull says it was the job of the Range Safety Officer at...

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NASA Searches for Secret Crash Debris

Searchers are looking in a town in east Texas for a top-secret object from the space shuttle Columbia. Hundreds of National Guardsmen, federal agents, state troopers, and volunteers have invaded the tiny Texas town of Bronson, searching for the mystery object. They've gone block by block and hacked through the thick woods that surround the town...

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NASA: Probably not the Insulation

NASA now thinks that something other than insulation from the booster hitting the left wing of the space shuttle Columbia during liftoff caused the shuttle to disintegrate on re-entry.

A photograph taken by an amateur astronomer in San Francisco showing a bolt of energy striking the shuttle just as the re-entry maneuver began has been...

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New Whitley's Journal: the Call of the Seven Stars

There is tremendous worldwide sorrow over the loss of the seven astronauts aboard the space shuttle. It's much greater than the sadness that would attend the loss of a 747 with 350 people aboard.

There is a reason for this, and it is a good one: our astronauts are at the leading edge of human endeavour. They are carefully chosen for...

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NASA Says Goodbye

We are subscribers to NASA Science News. We have just received this e-mail from them. They have said it so very, very well:

"Feb. 4th, 2003: At the dawn of the space age some 40 years ago, we alwaysknew who was orbiting Earth or flying to the Moon. Neil Armstrong, YuriGagarin, John Glenn. They were household names--everywhere.


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NASA Budget Promotes Space Nukes

The proposed 2003 budget for NASA would be $15 billion, $500 million more than in 2002. However, there would be major cutbacks in money for the space station and space exploration and increases in money for the development of nuclear power and propulsion. scale back spending on the international space station and space shuttle but promote the...

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Last Few Days for Space Survey

The Solar System Exploration Survey (SSE) Survey will tell NASA how to spend their budget through the year 2013, and let them know what you most want them to explore. NASA wants both groups of scientists and ordinary citizens to use the survey to make know their objectives and desires when it comes to space exploration.

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China Sending Man to the Moon

China is planning to send a man to the moon by 2005, as part of its space program. The mission is part of Beijing?s plans to join the United States and Russia as the only nations to have sent humans into space. This is occurring at the same time that both Russia and NASA are cutting costs and reducing the number of humans in space.


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NASA Cost Cutting: End of Humans in Space?

The White House has replaced NASA administrator Daniel Goldin with a budget buster known for his relentless cost-cutting. President Bush has nominated Sean O?Keefe, deputy director of the Office of Management and Budget, to the top job at the National Aeronautics and Space Administration.

The 45-year-old O?Keefe served as Navy secretary...

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Global Warming Solution: Move the Earth

Scientists at NASA have found a new way to combat global warming: move the Earth to a cooler spot, farther away from the Sun. This may more than double the time that life can survive on our planet.

The Sun will increase in brightness in the next billion years, and if the Earth stays in its present orbit, all life will be eliminated. If...

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Burst Pipe Destroys NASA Photos

According to NASA, water from a burst pipe has destroyed thousand of historic space images stored at the Goddard Space Flight Center. The basement archives included original photos, negatives and transparencies from the beginning of the space age in the 1950s up through the Hubble Space Telescope.

NASA sells the images to the public for...

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