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The "McMoon's" Project: Civilians Take Control of Ex-NASA Satellite

Thirty years ago, having your own mobile phone or computer was a rarity, and was considered to be the ultimate in technological sophistication. Now it is far more rare to find an individual who does not possess some form of hi-tech device, and even our "silver-surfing" grandparents are techno-savvy.

So in these...
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Weekender:Friday 13th, Full Moon and Mercury Retrograde - Should You Stay In Bed Today?

It's Friday 13th today, considered to be unlucky by some. Add in a full moon to turn up the fright factor, then consider that we are also in the midst of Mercury retrograde, the planetary period associated with mishap, mayhem and misfortune. Oh dear.

For our own safety, should we just turn off the alarm clock and stay in bed today?...
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Could the Moon Become a "Cosmic Tombstone" for the Human Race?

If you were in possession of documents or artifacts that had to be preserved at all costs, and you were inhabiting a planet with an uncertain future, where would you hide these precious commodities?
Deep underground in a protective bunker? Fathoms under the ocean? Inside a mountain in a secret cave? Preserved within the ice of the polar...
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Mining On The Moon - Will Earth's Future Depend on Off-Earth Reserves?

Fables have declared for millennia that the Moon, one of the most influential planets in our solar system, is made of green cheese.

The legend arose from an ancient tale that described how a wolf was convinced by his prey, a wiley fox, that the moon's reflection in a pool was a tasty round cheese. The hapless wolf was persuaded to...
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One Moon May be Missing

The Earth may once have had two moons. If so, what happened to the other one?

There's another theory that says we may STILL have two suns (NOTE: Subscribers can still listen to this show)....
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There May be Water on the Moon

If there was water on the moon, we could colonize it (and take an elevator there). Well, there just may be: Traces of water have been detected within the crystalline structure of mineral samples from the lunar highland upper crust obtained during the Apollo missions.
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The Moon Was Once Magnetic

Research on an ancient lunar rock suggests that almost 4 billion years ago, the moon once had a molten, core of liquid metal that generated a strong magnetic field.

The Daily Galaxy quotes planetary scientist Benjamin Weiss as saying, "The moon has this protracted history that's surprising."

In 1969, the...
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How to Build on the Moon

We may use inflatables to create an extension for the ISS, but when we build on the moon (NOTE: Subscribers can still listen to this show...
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Making a New Moon

NASA may be planning to capture an asteroid and drag it into the moon's orbit, giving the Moon a moon of its own.

The mission would cost about $2.6 billion--slightly more than NASA's Curiosity Mars rover--and it would take about six to 10 years to complete the mission.

But why do it?

What NASA really wants...
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Can You Print That?

Say we do finally get to the moon--how are we going to get all the tools we need to build things up there?
The answer might be the new science of 3-D printing: All you need to do is take along a laptop and a 3-D printer and you can...
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How the Moon was Made

When astronauts brought back moon rocks, scientists discovered they were similar to the rocks here on Earth, meaning that the moon must be the result of an impact that knocked a piece of the Earth into orbit. The isotope match is too close to support the theory that the moon could have been made partly of material from another planet.
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Take an Elevator to the Moon

Despite Curiosity, our space program has pretty much moved to private companies. Now there's a company that's trying to raise cash to build an elevator to the moon. They hope to have it ready in...
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Are There Aliens on the Moon?

Astronomers Paul Davies and Robert Wagner report seeing five UFOs on the moon in mid-April 2012 (NOTE: Subscribers can still listen to this show). They captured images of five UFOs flying over the moon, and...
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Who Owns That Asteroid?

When US astronauts planted an American flag on the moon, it made other countries nervous because it seemed as if our country might be "claiming" it. Now space lawyers say that the international legal system must be improved and expanded before any products that are...
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Scientists Searching the Moon for Signs of ET

Believe it or not, researchers are using a computerized search to look at hundreds of thousands of NASA satellite images of the moon, looking for telltale signs that aliens have visited there. And if they've visited our moon, have they visited US?
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How Moons are Made (Bang! Pow!)

The Earth may once have had TWO moons--a smaller one and a larger one--which ended up crashing into each other, producing the single moon we have now. This would explain the mystery of why the near and far sides of the lunar surface are so different.

The near side of the Moon--the one we can see from Earth--is flat and cratered while...
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Earth-Like Planets are Common

It now appears that as many a 10% of rocky planets in the universe may have moons like our own. This configuration is essential for the development of higher life forms because the rotating moon retards orbital winds on the dominant planet. Without the influence of the nearby moon, those winds would blow at a continuous speed upwards of 200 MPH....
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How to (Finally) Return to the Moon

Here on, we keep you up-to-date on the moon and the REAL reasons so many governments want to return there. President Obama has recently said that he plans to leave space travel up to the newly-formed...
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How Moons are Made

From the moon rocks (the real ones, anyway) that were brought back by various missions, which turned out to be partly material from Earth, our scientists learned that our moon was created when a fast moving space rock knocked off a piece of the Earth and sent it into orbit. Now they think the same process created Mars biggest moon Phobos.

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Edgar Mitchell on Moon Travel

He hints about search for ET life - In his new Insight, astronaut Edgar Mitchell urges Obama to continue the US moon missions and says, "When Obama announced that 'nobody is more committed to manned space flight, to human space exploration of space than I am,' I was relieved. I felt the cumulative excitement of every child...

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Life on the Moon

We've already found water on the moon and now scientists from India say they've found signs of life there as well. The instruments on their first unmanned lunar mission, Chandrayaan-1, picked up signs of carbon, the main building block of life, on parts of the moon's surface, just before it crashed into the moon's south pole in November.

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Moon Water

If we're going to set up a base on the moon to mine Helium 3, it would be nice if there was water there, and it turns out there may be: Recent space probes have spotted dampness on the surface that they think may indicate buried ice near the poles of the moon, areas the Apollo astronauts didn't visit.

Water can also be turned into a fuel...

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Some Moon Rocks are Fake

It's like a bad dream: A piece of moon rock given to the Dutch Rijksmuseum in 1969 by the three Apollo astronauts has been revealed to be fossilized wood. This is certainly fuel for conspiracy theories!

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Moon Rocks

Yes, we really did go to the moon 40 years ago on the Apollo 11 mission on July 20, sparking a moon race that is still going on. A lunar geochemist says is still lots to learn from the moon rocks collected there. And we almost didn't collect them at all!

Researcher Randy L. Korotev has studied lunar samples and their chemical...

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Moon Buildings

Countries (including the US) are vying to set up colonies on the moon. But once they get there, they're going to have to build shelters.

Researcher Houssam Toutanji has developed the concept of creating concrete structures on the lunar surface without the use of water. Traditional concrete consists of cement and water mixed with...

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Exciting New Discovery About the Moon

As we get ready to join a host of European nations, as well as China, in a race to the moon to shovel up the valuable Helium 3 dust lying on the surface, we have long wished there was water on the moon for the thirsty miners who will be working there. Now it turns out that WATER is lying on the moon's surface too, encased in crystal "beads."...

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Moon Danger

It has been 35 years since humans last walked on the moon,but there has been much recent discussion about returning(and regular readers of this websiteknow why). However, there are concerns about the radiation danger forastronauts during long missions on the lunar surface.

A significant part of that danger results from solar storms,which...

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Space Wars

The value of Helium 3 deposits on the moon remains the unstated reason that an Asian space race is on, as India, China and Japan all direct their space programs toward the moon. Answering Japan's recent insertion of an orbiter around the moon, China recently launched its first lunar probe, and India is believed to be planning to go to the moon...

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Monitoring Global Warming From the Moon

Not everyone thinks we should be investing so much time and money in the ISS, but there's more than one reason to return to the moon: while it's a source of a potentially perfect fuel to some nations, to climate change researchers, it represents the ideal place from which to study climate change on Earth.

Researcher Shaopeng Huang has...

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Russia Accuses US of Moon Plot

Russia sees NASA's race for the moon as having a "distinctly Cold War feel," according to the British newspaper the Telegraph.

Adrian Blomfield reports that the Russian space agency has accused NASA of "rejecting a proposal for joint lunar exploration." Does this mean we hope to claim ownership of the moon, along with all its incredibly...

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