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Weekender:Friday 13th, Full Moon and Mercury Retrograde - Should You Stay In Bed Today?

It's Friday 13th today, considered to be unlucky by some. Add in a full moon to turn up the fright factor, then consider that we are also in the midst of Mercury retrograde, the planetary period associated with mishap, mayhem and misfortune. Oh dear.

For our own safety, should we just turn off the alarm clock and stay in bed today?...
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Poison Hanging in Our Air

Humans pump thousands of tons of vapor from the metallic element mercury into the atmosphere each year, and it can remain suspended for long periods before being changed into a form that is easily removed from the atmosphere.

New research shows that the upper troposphere and lower stratosphere work to transform elemental mercury into...
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Is It a Natural Object, a Video Artifact or a UFO?

A passing coronal mass ejection from the sun caused an illumination response from an otherwise invisible object near Mercury that was captured both by NASA's Heliospheric Imager 1 satellite and by the SECCHI-A spacecraft. Initially, SECCHI staff explained it as a video afterimage of the planet on the...
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Yellowstone Polluting Air with Mercury

Scientists who measured the mercury levels in Yellowstone National Park recently were surprised by what they found at the base of Roaring Mountain: one of the highest levels of mercury ever found in an undisturbed natural area. Mercury is a highly toxic pollutant often associated with volcanoes, and recent reports say Yellowstone is overdue for...

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Dentists in Danger

Dentists are likely to suffer memory and kidney problems from long-term exposure to the mercury in tooth fillings. A study of 180 dentists by researchers at the Glasgow Royal Infirmary in Scotland found they had up to four times the normal level of mercury in their urine and nails and had more kidney disorders and memory lapses than the general...

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