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Earth May Exist Because Jupiter Does

Shuttle space trips may be over, but spacecraft launches are still going on, and on August 5th, NASA launched the spacecraft Juno, which will explore Jupiter's secrets. Astronomers think that the presence of Jupiter may help explain how the Earth came to exist....
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Why these giant planets matter - Jupiter, the largest planet in our solar system, is usually dominated by two dark bands in its atmosphere, with one in the north and one in the south. Now one of its red stripes seems to missing and astronomers don't know what's going on.

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There Could be Life on Moon of Jupiter

We're about to discover life on Mars?now astronomers think there may be life on a moon of Jupiter!

With average temperatures of minus 260 degrees Fahrenheit, an almost nonexistent atmosphere and a complex web of cracks in a layer of ice encompassing the entire surface, the environment on Jupiter?s moon Europa is about as alien as they...
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Why Jupiter Doesn't Help

When astronomers used to search for solar systems with planets that might harbor life, they looked for a large planet in the outer orbit, like Jupiter, because they thought these planets absorbed the blows from incoming space rocks that could kill off all life on smaller planets in interior orbits. But now they know that isn't true.


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Jupiter: Giant Trash Can?or Bomb?

How to dispose of radioactive materials is a major problem. It's not just medical waste?it's also the radioactive materials that power space satellites that we need to worry about. Jupiter has always been the "trash can" of our Solar System, absorbing the blows from space rocks that might otherwise destroy smaller planets (like us). Now there...

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Mysteries of Jupiter

Every 45 minutes a gigawatt pulse of x-rays courses through the solar system. "The pulses are coming from the north pole of Jupiter," says Randy Gladstone, a scientist at the Southwest Research Institute and leader of the team that made the discovery using NASA's orbiting Chandra X-ray Observatory.

"We weren't surprised to find x-rays...

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Mystery Spot on Jupiter

Researchers have noticed a mysterious dark spot near Jupiter?s north pole and watched it develop for more than two months. It was photographed by the Cassini spacecraft, which is a NASA-operated robot, but was only spotted recently, when researchers were catching up with some of the Cassini imagery that had not been fully studied. The images...

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Mysterious X-Rays From Jupiter

Every 45 minutes a gigawatt pulse of x-rays courses through the solar system. ?The pulses are coming from the north pole of Jupiter,? says Randy Gladstone of the Southwest Research Institute, who made the discovery using NASA?s orbiting Chandra X-ray Observatory.

?We weren?t surprised to find x-rays coming from Jupiter,? he says. Other...

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Life on Moon of Jupiter?

Brad Dalton, a planetary geologist with the Ames Research Center, thinks bacteria could account for the odd light emissions, as well as the reddish hue, coming from Jupiter?s moon Europa. He used data collected from the Galileo spacecraft to find matches between chemical signatures of bacteria on Earth and unexplained infrared readings from...

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