Scientists are setting up a major experiment in the U.K. to find evidence about whether or not Near Death Experiences (NDEs) are real. They aren’t going to use elaborate instruments to record the brain waves of patients in hospitals. Instead, they’re going to plant items high up in the operating rooms of 25 cardiac units, where they can’t be seen from the ground, to see if anyone who goes “out of body” will be able to describe them later.

“Over the course of a year we hope this would give us 100 people who leave their bodies,” says neuropsychiatrist Peter Fenwick. “If they do notice [the items] when the brain is not functioning, then it makes the case for the mind being separate from the brain.”

Jeremy Lovell writes that each survivor who claims to have had an out-of-body experience (OBE) will be asked if they’ve noticed any of the hidden objects. Fenwick says, “These people seem to be able to get information when they are out of their bodies. People have talked of ‘mind sight.'” But he accepts the fact that if no one notices the objects, it will be the end of his theory that OBEs are real.

What happens after we die?does anyone really know this secret?

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