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Europeans Were First Americans

An extraordinary discovery of European stone tools along the eastern seaboard of the United States indicates that Europeans reached American shores 10,000 years before Siberians came across the ancient Alaskan land bridge.

That doesn't excuse the way we...
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What We Can Learn from Traditional People

What can we learn from indigenous cultures, who still live the same way that everyone did thousands of years ago?

Geographer Jared Diamond points out that, for most of history, people lived in small groups as hunter-gatherers. Agriculture began 11,000...
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Indians Want to Buy Their Land Back

The Black Hills in South Dakota were stolen from the Sioux (NOTE: Subscribers can still listen to this interview) in 1877 by the US government. Now, the tribe wants to...
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Learn the Secret of Orenda

You may think you've read everything that Whitley Strieber has written, but you HAVEN'T, because his beautiful novel The Secret of Orenda, a thriller about a lost Indian tribe that remembers the secrets of the past, has just been...
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What Columbus Brought to the New World

When Christopher Columbus and his crew landed on our shores in 1492, he brought many things with him--among them, the dreaded sexual disease syphilis, which can damage the heart, brain, eyes and bones, and can also be fatal.

This is shown by recent Indian skeletal evidence. In, Charles Q. Choi quotes evolutionary...
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American Indians Kept Black Slaves

We tend to think of both Native Americans and African Americans as cultural and ethnic groups who have been treated badly by history. But one thing most people DON'T know is that Indians once kept SLAVES. Now the freedmen who...
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Secret Ancient Indian Village Revealed

We recently wrote that Atzlan, the Mexican Atlantis, might be in Utah. Now an ancient Indian site has been revealed that was kept secret by a rancher in Utah for over 50 years.

Paul Foy writes that Waldo Wilcox kept outsiders off his land, so no one knew it contained an incredibly preserved ancient Indian settlement, with arrowheads and...

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Man Discovers He's a Tribal Chief

Mick Henry, a retired builder from Yorkshire, England, has discovered he's actually a chief of the Ojibway tribe in Canada, and owns thousands of acres of land there. He's the son of an English mother and a Canadian father, but since his father returned to Canada shortly after his birth, he never knew about his Ojibway relatives. He says, "I...

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Indians Unhealthy Before Columbus

The health of Native Americans was in trouble long before Columbus came. Archeologists think the rise of agriculture is the reason, because farming encouraged people to settle in larger communities, where disease was more easily spread.

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What Native Americans Know About ET

Our radio archives are working again, and in case you missed our Sept. 7 show with Nancy Red Star, learn about the ET legends of Indians and other indigenous people by clicking on "Listen Now" at the top right of our homepage. To read her beautifully illustrated book "Legends of the Star Ancestors",click here. You can also hear German UFO...

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