Since the 1970s, a rare crystal skull has been in Houston, Texas. People from all over the world come there to see it, touch it and just be near it. “The crystal skull contains important information about the purpose of destiny and history of mankind,” says its owner, JoAnn Parks.

Native American legends say there are 13 of these ancient crystal skulls. “And one day all of these skulls will be rediscovered and they will be brought together for all of their collective wisdom to be made available. But mankind first has to be sufficiently evolved both morally and spiritually so as not to abuse the power,” Parks says.

It?s not possible to date crystal quartz, so experts can?t tell how old the skull is. British museum researchers have found no machine marks on it, meaning it must have been made by hand. But how a hard material like quartz could be shaped by hand tools remains a mystery.

“I didn’t ask for it, didn’t want it. (I) never heard of crystal skulls,” Parks says. So how did she end up with it? The skull was discovered in Guatemala, where native Indians gave it to American Norbu Chin, who came to Houston in the 1970s to open a healing center. Parks’ daughter was suffering from bone cancer, so she brought her to the center. “The doctors had given her three months to live with really no hope for survival,” Parks says. “So I took her there. And I just say between the skull’s work, (Norbu?s) work, (and) the other monks’ work, they did extend her life three years.” Parks worked at the center until Norbu died, seven years later. “Right before he died, his parting words were, ‘Take care of this. And one of these days you will know what it is for and what it is about,'” Parks says.

Parks put the skull in a box in her closet until she saw a television show in 1987 about crystal skulls. ?And then I could feel this feeling,? she says. ?It is something I can’t explain?I could feel (the skull) saying, ‘By the way, my name is not skull. My name is Max. I will be remembered.?

“It got out that I had one of these crystal skulls of legend and people started calling me,” Parks says. Since then, she?s taken the skull all over the world, and says, “Movie stars to rock stars to gurus, shamans, lawyers, doctors, politicians, people you wouldn’t even believe that are on the spiritual path feel yearning and awakening deep inside and they want to sit with this ancient masterpiece.”

“I felt very balanced. It is a very warm feeling,” says Stephanie Fuentes, who touched the skull.

“When we go up to the crystal skull and touch it, we can feel that energy,” agrees Lou Guitierez. Gary Ausgen says, “I feel that the skull holds something. (Some) type of information that could be helpful.”

“People, when they come in its presence, they feel a connection, not only to themselves but to the ancient past,” says another person who touched the skull.

Parks says, “I just say mainly, ‘I am on an adventure with Max. I am just along for the ride.'”

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