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Who Governs Human Violence? Could be the Sun

In recent decades, researchers have found significant evidence of correlations between a variety of human events conditions and solar activity. Such ancient events as the collapse of Rome, the Hundred Years war and the 20th Century wars seem to be correlated to periods of intense solar activity. For example, a huge solar storm took place just days...
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Don't Like Your History? Change It!

At the same time our soldiers keep on fighting in Afghanistan, that country is rewriting its history books to LEAVE OUT its many wars.
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A Cannibal's Defense

A museum curator has discovered that Alfred Packer, who wasconvicted of murder because he ate his five companions whenthey were lost in a Colorado winter 130 years ago, mayactually have been innocent.

Robert Weller writes that David Bailey, who works at theMuseum of Western Colorado, has been researching the casefor years and has come to...

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Quick Trip Through 20th Century

In case you've forgotten any details about the last century, you can take a quick trip through the major events with Xeth Feinberg's "Bulbo" cartoon on the website. Don't miss this!

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