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Ghost in a Gas Station

In an Ohio gas station, a strange blue cloud was caught on security cameras as it floated around customers and even rested on a car window for half an hour before it suddenly sped away. Local 6 News reports that, despite the groups of people who are now making a sort of pilgrimage to the station, it has not returned. To see the ghost for...

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Ghost Detector on Sale Soon

The Japanese company SolidAlliance has developed a ghostdetector called the GhostRader that plugs into yourcomputer. It beeps and flashes red lights in response tounusual magnetic waves. Ghost hunters often come acrossunusual cold areas in haunted houses, and the GhostRaderalso detects this. The device will soon be on sale in theU.S. for around...

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Ghost or Lens Spot?

A new $75,000 security system installed in the Kent County,Maryland courthouse caught images of a strange light"walking" in one stairwell. Security officer Phillip Pricesays, "It didn't show up to the eye, but it showed up ontape." But it may be a bug splat on the camera lens.

After noticing the light on the camera, Price...

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Ghost of a Fireman

A fireman noticed that a security camera at a tire shop in La Joya may have captured the image of a ghost. Fire chief Richard Flores says, "[After a recent fire,] we had one of the firefighters taking pictures?and when she took the picture she looked down at the back of the digital camera and it looked blurry and she thought she messed up." But...

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The Haunted Wine Box

A haunted wine box has just been sold on eBay. Learn all about it?and decide whether or not you believe it?by clicking here.

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Ghost Recorded by Security Camera

A ghost sighting has been recorded by a security camera atPuckett's Garage in Oklahoma City. The wrecker servicestores vehicles that have been involved in deadly trafficaccidents.

Employees believe the image is that of a woman who died in acar accident several weeks ago. Her insurance company movedwhat was left of her wrecked truck to...

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Scientists Go for the Ghosts

The most comprehensive scientific investigation into the existence of ghosts ever attempted is taking place in Edinburgh, Scotland. Over the next two weeks, 10 researchers, aided by more than 200 members of the public, will try to record the presence of various types of spirit beings.

They will be using sophisticated equipment to...

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