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How to Avoid the Flu With No Vaccine

Most of us won't be able to get a flu shot this year, sincethe U.S. will be getting only about half as much vaccine asusual and that will be reserved for the sick and theelderly. But there are steps we can take to avoid gettingthe flu.

Researchers think that SARS did not spread to Japan becausethey are a nation of frequent hand washers....

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Bird Flu Passed by Humans

Health experts have been dreading the day when the Asianbird flu virus mutates, allowing it to be spread from personto person, and not just between poultry and people. Now theWorld Health Organization says it suspects "human-to-humantransmission" of bird flu occurred in northern Thailand. Ifthis is confirmed, it will be the first case and will...

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Can Cats Give Us Bird Flu?

During the SARS epidemic, we reported that it killed somecats (including big ones in zoos). Now it's been discoveredthat the deadly bird flu that's been spreading through Asiacan be caught by cats as well, who can then pass it on toother felines. Scientists don't know if cats can spread theflu to people.

Why wasn't this discovered before...

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Making Plans for a Killer Flu

A killer strain of flu, like the kind that wiped outmillions of people in 1918, hasn't struck again yet, butscientists are already planning for it. Health experts saywe may have to close schools, restrict travel and rationmedicine if a powerful new flu strain breaks out worldwide.

Lauran Neergaard writes that it will take months to...

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Dogs Get Flu from Horses

In Florida, racing greyhounds are coming down with the same flu virus that affects race horses, even though they don't race on the same tracks. We know that "bird flu" jumps from chickens to humans and SARS jumped to us from civet cats. While monkeys pass HIV to humans, they get it from another, unknown source. However, this is the first known...

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How Dangerous is Bird Flu to Humans?

It's almost inevitable that the Asian bird flu virus will eventually mutate into a form that humans can pass to one another. When that happens, it will spread rapidly around the world, just as SARS did. So we need to know: Just how dangerous is bird flu to humans?

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Housecats Getting Bird Flu

In Asia, bird flu has jumped to new species, killing three house cats and infecting a white tiger in a Thailand zoo. Since there is also bird flu in the U.S., the virus will probably jump to other species here as well?and maybe eventually to humans. Once humans contract the flu, it will be spread by overseas travelers, just as SARS was. Health...

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Bird Flu: What Happened Last Time

A new form of bird flu, different from the Asian strain, has turned up in the U.S. As scientists worry that bird flu in Asia may have mutated and become contagious, they are looking at what happened in the past. In 1918, the worst flu epidemic in history killed 50,000,000 people worldwide, caused by a flu virus that jumped from birds to humans...

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Bird Flu: We May Have Lost the Race

We recently wrote about the race to stop bird flu before it mutates, making it possible to be passed between humans. Now it looks as if that race has been lost, since two sisters who died of bird flu in Vietnam probably caught it from their brother. In earlier cases, it was only caught through direct contact with infected chickens. A medical...

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The Race to Stop Bird Flu Before it Mutates

In Vietnam and Thailand, authorities are trying desperately to stop bird flu from spreading, before the virus becomes able to be passed from person to person and causes an epidemic much larger than SARS. Right now, it can only be caught directly from infected chickens. "If the virus continues to spread in chickens, it may adapt itself so it can...

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Flu Rampaging Through the West

The Western U.S. is being particularly hard hit by the flu this season. Colorado has reported 6,306 cases, more than in the last two seasons put together, and at least 5 children there have died from it. Texas was the first state to report heavy flu activity and has had 4 flu-related deaths. New Mexico has run out of serum for flu shots and...

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U.S. Scientists Recreating Lethal Flu

The Spanish Flu killed 20-40 million people in 1918. Now U.S. scientists have isolated several genes of this lethal flu virus and introduced them into modern flu strains. This newly-engineered virus killed the mice it was given to, while current flu viruses had little effect on them. If the Spanish Flu is recreated, it can be abused, just as...

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Why is Japan Free from SARS?

China, Hong Kong?and even Toronto?are infested with cases of SARS and it's spreading rapidly. We know it originated in Asia, so why is Japan free from the disease? Experts says it's all due to handwashing. Japanese children are nagged into washing their hands and gargling after meals from the time they enter elementary school, and the habit...

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SARS Origin Linked to Birds

Now that China has finally admitted the SARS epidemic started in the southern province of Guangdong and is letting investigators into the country, new discoveries are being made about the virus. One of these is that the first people who came down with the disease ate or handled wild game, such as chickens, ducks and owls. "We will explore...

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SARS Airplane Quarantined in California

An American Airlines flight from Tokyo was quarantined on the landing strip at San Jose's airport after five people, including two crew members, complained of SARS-like symptoms. Ambulances lined up near the plane as the 125 passengers and 14 crew members waited on board after the nine-hour flight. Joy Alexiou, of the Santa Clara County Public...

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SARS Sneaking In While our Minds are on War

On this week's Dreamland, science reporter Linda Howe gives us a special report on SARS. It's spreading fast, and health officials now admit they don't have any effective medicine to treat it. An entire apartment building has been infected in Hong Kong, raising fears that SARS can be spread through the air, rather than by droplets from sneezing...

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Chinese Admit Mystery Disease is Out of Control

For the first time, the Chinese government has admitted that almost about 3 dozen people have died and almost 800 are ill in an outbreak of the new mystery disease known as severe acute respiratory syndrome, or SARS. Until now, they insisted that only five people had died from it. With all the war news on TV, our media is ignoring the...

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Mystery Disease Now Identified as Cold Virus

U.S. and international health officials now think the mystery disease that originated in Asia and is spreading rapidly throughout the U.S. is a tough new version of the common cold. It was earlier reported to be a form of the virus that causes measles and mumps, but now the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says tests reveal traces of...

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Mystery Bug Spreading Throughout U.S.

Twenty-two people in states from New York City to California have symptoms similar to those of severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS), the mysterious disease that's striking people worldwide. Health department officials believe they got their infections abroad, since most of them recently returned from trips to Hong Kong or southern China,...

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Mystery Disease Traced to Hong Kong Hotel

The United States has identified 11 cases of the new mystery disease among Americans who traveled to Asia. The disease has stricken hundreds of people worldwide. Dr. Julie Gerberding, of the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) says, "The 11 people that we are talking about today have a travel history, fever and respiratory...

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Mystery Flu Identified

Experts say the bug responsible for the deadly form of pneumonia known as Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS) that's spreading worldwide is a virus from the paramyxoviridae family, which is responsible for mumps and measles.

The worst affected countries are Hong Kong, with 111 cases, Vietnam, with 54 cases, and Singapore, with 23...

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Mystery Flu Spreading Worldwide

A highly contagious flu-like virus, which quickly turns into pneumonia, started in Asia and has spread rapidly through hospitals in Hong Kong and Hanoi. It's so severe that the World Health Organization sent an expert to Hong Kong to try to identify the virus, and France and Japan have sent medical experts to Vietnam. The source of the outbreak...

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Killer Flu Coming

Experts say we need to plan for a flu outbreak that could claim hundreds of thousands of lives. Although the last two winters have brought only mild strains of flu, the viruses are constantly mutating and it's only a matter of time before a powerful strain emerges. Previous killer flu strains included the Spanish flu of 1918, which killed tens...

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Single Mutation Causes Killer Flu

The 1997 Hong Kong flu, which killed one third of its victims, was caused by a single mutation that allowed the virus to disable part of the body's immune system?and it could happen again. "If this mutated gene is put into an ordinary strain of flu you turn it into a nasty virus," says Robert Webster, of St Jude Children's Hospital. "It...

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Killer Flu on the Way

Killer flu swept through the world 3 times in the last century, and it almost happened again in 1997. Now experts say a killer virus strain my be making its way to our shores from Hong Kong again.

The Spanish flu of 1918 killed millions of people. Scientists managed to stop the spread of the virulent 1997 Hong Kong virus, but a new...

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Animal Virus May Cause Human Mental Illness

A virus that infects animals but was thought to be relatively harmless to humans might contribute to some cases of mental illness, according to virologist Norbert Nowotny, of the University of Veterinary Sciences in Vienna. The Borna disease virus, which causes a fatal brain disease in animals, might be linked to schizophrenia, depression and...

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Flu? Moo!

Cattle could be breeding grounds for future flu outbreaks, according to researchers who are tracking emerging strains in animals in the hope of averting further human pandemics.

The last flu pandemic swept the globe in 1968, killing nearly half a million people. Flu viruses originate in wild birds and are become lethal when they cross...

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Garlic Cure for Common Cold

It?s been discovered that people who take a garlic supplement each day catch fewer colds. The common cold is the most common disease of humans and adults catch between two and four colds a year. Infants and young children get between six and 10 colds each year. A 75-year-old man has suffered through about 200 colds during his lifetime. There...

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Bad Flu Season Ahead

The flu bug let us off easy last winter, but experts predict that this coming flu season will be a different story. ?We usually do not have mild years back to back,? says Dr. Kristin Nichol, an influenza researcher at the Minneapolis Veterans Medical Center. ?I can?t explain why it is biologically, but I would certainly encourage people not to...

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Need To Prepare for Huge Flu Epidemic

Today, the flu is something that causes you to feel lousy and miss work for a week, but in 1918, a global flu pandemic killed 40 million people. Scientists are warning it could happen again.

"The natural history of influenza suggests it is only a matter of time before another influenza pandemic occurs," says Dr. Martin Meltzer of the U.S...

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