Scientists have identified cells in the stomach that time the release of a hormone that makes animals eat even when they are NOT hungry (like we humans sometimes do). But maybe that’s not always a bad thing: People with large thighs have fewer heart attacks.

Researcher Rae Silver has some diet advice for us: “It’s a good thing to eat meals at a regularly scheduled time of day.” Just don’t make one of those times of day late at night! On BBC News, Sudeep Chand quotes researcher Deanna Arble as saying, “One of our research interests is shift workers, who tend to be overweight. This got us thinking that eating at the wrong time of day might be contributing to weight gain.”

Finally, there is some good news: Danish researchers have discovered that people with large thighs (measuring more than 23 inches) are less likely to have heart attacks. BBC News quotes researcher Berit Heitmann as saying that “the increased risk was independent of abdominal and general obesity and lifestyle and cardiovascular risk factors such as blood pressure” and it was “more highly related to thigh circumference than to waist circumference.”

No matter how much crust you like on your pizza or what your thigh circumference is, we guarantee that you’ll have a magical time at our Stargate Conference in October (and the food will be good too!) To learn more, click here,here and here.

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