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REAL Aphrodisiacs

Say "I love you" with flowers, a greeting card, or (best of all) chocolate and red wine, but be careful when you kiss this Valentine's Day.

Infectious disease expert Jorge Parada says, “Mid-February is usually the peak season for infectious diseases, such as the seasonal and H1N1 flu, mononucleosis, colds and coughs....
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When Getting Sick is a Roll of the Dice

This year's flu season has been declared an "epidemic:" with 41 states reporting widespread and severe outbreaks of flu this season, researchers are wondering why less than half of the American population has gotten a flu shot. Due to the way the flu virus mutates, this...
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Why Do We Get the Flu in the Winter?

Influenza, commonly known as the flu, has distinct transmission patterns around the world. In temperate regions, influenza's occurrence peaks during the winter season, while in some tropical regions, the disease's occurrence tends to correspond with the rainy season. This season, the Southern United States is being hit the hardest by the flu....
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New Flu in the Middle East

It's time to begin paying attention to the new SARS-like virus found in Saudi Arabia and Qatar. While only six cases have been identified so far, two of the patients died. Lots of Saudis travel to the West on business--will it spread to this country?

In Forbes, David DiSalvo reports that the World Health Organization (WHO) issued an...
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After You Get That Shot, Go to Sleep

Time to get that flu shot! When you get a vaccination during the day, consider taking a sleeping pill before you go to bed that night, because a new study shows that poor sleep can reduce the effectiveness of vaccines. In fact, sleep duration is directly tied to vaccine immune...
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Dead Seals--An Ominous Sign?

The flu can jump from animals to humans. A new strain of flu has emerged four times in the past 100 years. The one that emerged in 1918 killed 50 million people, which is why scientists watch these new flu strains so carefully.

Last fall, over 150 harbor...
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Stay Away From the Pigs at the County Fair

If you can get Legionnaire's Disease from just walking past a hot tub, you can get the flu from looking at the pigs at a county fair--and some people did. The CDC reports that four people attending an Indiana county fair this month came down with flu traced to the pigs there...
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Climate Change Means Less Flu

Why do we get the flu in the winter? It's basically because cold air and central heating both try out our nasal passages, so that we can't "catch" viruses before they get into our body and make us sick. Flu season can begin as early as October, and it usually ends in March or sometimes not until April. The average flu death rate per...
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Is it REALLY the Flu?

It's flu season, and if you neglected to get your flu shot this year (or maybe it didn't work), you may be coughing or sneezing. Sickness can be...
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Why Your Flu Shot May Not Work

It's time to get your flu shot! But it may not be as effective if you're overweight. A new study provides evidence explaining a phenomenon that was noticed for the first time during the 2009 H1N1 flu outbreak: that obesity is associated with an impaired immune...
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Can You Catch a Disease from Restaurant Dishes?

Can you catch the flu from your restaurant plate? It's an important question: There are 20 million cases of acute gastroenteritis and 128,000 hospitalizations a year that are attributed to food-borne illness. Food expert Melvin Pascall says, "While there...
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A Cold Cure That Doesn't Work

Winter weather brings on colds and flu. We already have a cure for the common cold (problem: the drug companies won't manufacture it), so many people visit the health food store for remedies....
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WHEN You Get the Flu

Depends on WHERE you live - The flu season is about over, and the Swine Flu pandemic that scientists predicted turned out to be less onerous than predicted. However, if you DID get the flu, you probably got it earlier than if you reside in the Northeast than if you live along the West Coast.

That's because researchers...

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Flu: Is the Recession Saving Us?

Physicians can't figure out why the Swine Flu pandemic never happened and why there is so little ordinary flu around. It could be that the stress of the economic recession is strengthening our immune systems (and many of us have other types of stress as well!)

A new study using mice suggests that a repeated stressful situation that...

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What happened to the Flu Pandemic?

Something strange is going on: Normally, this is the peak period for the flu in the United States. But that just doesn't seem to be the case this year. Since both bird flu and swine flu turned out to be scares that went nowhere, many people are turning their backs on new flu scares, considering them to be just more hype. But should they? When...

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Something Sinister About Swine Flu?

What happened to the Swine Flu epidemic that frightened us all so much (not to mention the Bird Flu epidemic)? Swine Flu did kill some people here in the US, but Bird Flu seems never to have made it to these shores (and may only have been transmitted directly from poultry, not between people). Could these warnings be some sort of disinformation...

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What Happened to the Swine Flu Epidemic?

The Swine Flu "epidemic" seems to be over, for now: Unused H1N1 vaccine is being stockpiled in warehouses across the US. Some of it expires in March, although most will be effective through May. What happened (or didn't happen)?

One major concern was that children are twice as likely as adults to catch swine flu. A study of more than 800...

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Swine Flu Update

Viruses are nasty, yet surprisingly simple organisms. What makes flu so potentially dangerous is that it's not very good at making copies of itself, which leads to mutations, or slight changes in its genetic code. Though most mutations don't amount to anything, some can lead to new versions of the flu that could spread more easily or make...

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Can't Get the Swine Flu Vaccine?

You may already have some immunity - We may not have immunity from war and politics, but at least researchers have found that previous influenza infections may provide at least some level of immunity to the H1N1 Swine Flu.

As the number of deaths related to the pandemic H1N1 virus, commonly known as Swine Flu, continues...

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Your Pet Can Get Swine Flu

But can your pet infect you? - Most flu viruses start in animals, then pass to people, but people can infect their pets, as was discovered recently by a veterinarian who diagnosed a pet can with Swine Flu. Researcher Carolyn Bridges of the CDC (Center for Disease Control) says, "This is just another illustration of why...

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Swine Flu: Can We Spray It Away?

Scientists have found that spraying an area with acidic ozone water can effectively kill the swine flu, with the advantages that it leaves no environmentally harmful residue. What is this and where can we get it in the future?

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Swine Flu Virus is Mutating

Will the vaccine still work when we finally get it? - Linda Moulton Howe will be back on Dreamland this week with a special report on the mutating Swine Flu virus and we'll be talking to a scientist who has UFO experiences on Dreamland! Does the virus mutation mean that the Swine Flu vaccinations which most of us are still...

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Flu Fears

Despite all the warnings from the Bush administration, a bird flu epidemic did not materialize in this country. Is swine flu an empty threat as well?

In 1918, the Spanish flu raced around the globe, ending the lives of an estimated 40 million people in less than a year. Epidemiologists believe one in four Americans became infected during...

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Facebook Flu

"When did you first learn about the swine flu outbreak?""Have you searched the Internet for additional information on the swine flu outbreak?""If a vaccine for swine flu became available, would you want to be vaccinated?"These questions were posted (as an experiment) on Facebook on Saturday, April 25, just a day or two after concerns of H1N1,...

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Swine Flu a Lab Accident?

Could swine flu be the result of a lab accident? The evidence that it's made up of viruses from both Mexican and European pigs points to this, because it's illegal to export pigs from Europe to South America, and we know that scientists are working on creating a universal flu vaccine.

A claim by an Australian virus researcher that swine...

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Catching Diseases from Animals

The recent Swine Flu scare reminds us yet again that humans catch a lot of diseases from animals. And who's most likely to get these diseases? Veterinarians! Just because it's controversial doesn't mean it's not true.

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Swine Flu: Letter Leaked from a Doctor

To help you decipher all the confusing information coming out about Swine Flu, we have an new Insight about how dangerous it is (or isn't) and what you should do to prevent it or treat it if you get it. Theletter was intended for the friends and family of the doctorwho wrote it, but it ended up in the public domain when itwas published on a...

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Flu: Who Knew?

Swine Flu spreads all over New York City - The Swine Flu outbreak in New York started in one private school in a borough of Manhattan, probably from a student whose family had recently taken a trip to Mexico, but the flu has now spread across the city to hundreds of people. Since New Yorkers commute to the city from New Jersey...

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Main Medicine for Swine Flu Has Disturbing Side Effects

The FDA, after receiving reports of self-injury, suicide and delirium, told the manufacturer of the anti-viral drug Tamiflu to add a warning label to the medicine. This is one of the drugs recommended to help treat, and perhaps even prevent, Swine Flu. Children who took the drug in Japan 3 years ago exhibited these symptoms, which showed up...

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The Woman Who Started It All

Swine Flu, that is - The first person to die of Swine Flu in Oaxaca, Mexico, where the disease originated, was a 39-year-old female census taker who spread the disease throughout the city by making door-to-door visits to at least 300 people while she was highly contagious. She is believed to have directly infected almost...

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