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Is An Even Larger Eruption Brewing At Mount Ontake?

Despite the advanced technology devoted to the monitoring of seismic and volcanic activity, the unexpected eruption of the Japanese volcano Mount Ontake proves that Nature can still surprise us.

The unexpected eruption led to a heavy death toll; there are 36 people confirmed dead and many other were injured as 250 hikers were caught...
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Extremely Unusual Object and Event Videotaped at High Altitude

This is one of the most unusual UFO videos we have ever received on Unknowncountry. The object in this video is not the planet Niburu, contrary to what the videographer suggests. If another planet was that close to Earth, and exploding, our world would be in desperate trouble right now. However, this appears to be a well worked out video...
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When a Comet Exploded in the Air

Ever since the publication of the groundbreaking book the Cycle of Cosmic Catastrophes in 2006, a controversy has raged about whether or not the explosion of a comet over southern Canada almost 13,000 years ago might have led to the...
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India Blasts Linked to Seismic Activity

Indian geologists believe that a series of thunderousexplosions heard in the Kutch and Saurashtra regions ofGujarat in India may be related to seismic activity. Gujaratis located on the Arabian Seanorth of Mumbai (Bombay).A total of 384 tremors took place in the area in January andearly February. 356 of these were under 1.0 in intensity onthe...

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