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Synthetic DNA Could Be Used to Hack Computer Systems

Researchers studying potential security issues surrounding open-source computer programs used to analyze DNA have found that most common sequencing software is the subject of poor security practices, leaving such systems open to cyberattacks and exploits. While the researchers haven't found any evidence of attacks made against DNA synthesizing,...
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A New DNA-Based Search for the Loch Ness Monster is being Launched

A university professor from New Zealand is planning to put our modern knowledge of genetics to work in solving a decades-old mystery: does the Loch Ness Monster, nicknamed 'Nessie', actually exist?

The University of Otago's Professor Neil Gemmell is proposing that new genomic forensic techniques be used to search for the...
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Up to One-Third of Native Americans may have Ancient European Roots

A genetic study of the world's oldest anatomically-modern human, the body of a boy buried 24,000 years ago near Siberia's Lake Baikal, has revealed that this individual was of European ancestry. This finding is surprising, in that Lake Baikal, the world's largest freshwater lake, is situated north of modern-day Mongolia, a location quite far east...
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Researchers Program DNA Strands to Perform Digital Calculations

Because of the physical limitations of silicon-based circuitry, there is an upper limit to how powerful a modern computer can be made. In response to this, researchers have been looking into other mediums to build faster and more powerful computers from, including using ...
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Second Layer of Information Found in DNA

While the sheer amount of information that can be stored in genetic code is well known -- a single gram of DNA is estimated to be able to hold 700 terabytes of information -- it turns out that there is yet another layer of information that is mechanically encoded into our genetic material. A new study has found this extra layer of encoded...
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The Building Blocks for Life Have Been Created in a Lab-Grown Comet

While life was once thought to just be a happy accident by mainstream science, the building blocks of DNA and RNA are proving to be not only tenacious, these organic molecules also appear to be able to form in the most unlikely of places, including in deep space on the surface of comets.

In 2014, the Philae lander touched down on the...
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Tyrannosaurus Rex Confirmed to have been Pregnant

One of the frustrating aspects that paleontologists face when studying dinosaur fossils is the odd lack of sexual dimorphism in the ancient creatures -- being able to tell the difference between male and female individuals based on their physical features. However, one method of telling whether an individual specimen is a female or not has been...
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DNA Tests on Ancient Peruvian Skulls Suggest They are not Human

Recent DNA testing has been conducted on a set of ancient elongated Peruvian skulls that have baffled researchers for decades, due to their unusual shape and size. While the DNA testing is not complete, the results seem to indicate that the individuals they originally belonged to were not human.
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DNA Evidence: More Shroud of Turin Proof

It has been generally accepted in many areas of the scientific community that the Shroud of Turin was created in Italy and is of European origin, but new DNA evidence shows that it was in areas that the historical record has always suggested.

The Shroud has recently had samples...

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Anonymous No More – No Where, No How!

Everywhere we go, we leave little traces of ourselves behind. The strand of hair, the wad of gum, the cigarette butt, nail clipping, or puddle of spittle. And all of these negligible bits and pieces that we so casually or unknowingly discard, contain our genetic information.

Doctoral student Heather Dewey-Hagborg, who is completing...
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You Can Choose Your Friends But They Could Be Your Family

You can choose your friends but not your family, so the old saying goes. But do we really choose them, or are we genetically pre-disposed to connect with the people in our friendship groups?

People who like to consider their close friends as family may not be too far wrong, according to a new study from the University of California,...
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Scientists Creating Human Hybrids in Unregulated Genetic Engineering Programmes

When most people think of genetically modified organisms, or GMOs, pictures of pest-hardy soya beans spring to mind, yet the true implications of this term are not widely considered.

Though the consumption of GMOs is a subject for debate in itself, there are other, less obvious areas in which other...

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Weekender: Can Science Locate "Adam", the Earth's First Man?

According to the Bible, the first human man ever to walk the Earth was Adam, created by God and partnered by his female counterpart Eve. Norse mythology shares a similar concept of a deity-created man and woman, though in Norse legend the planet's first couple are entitled Ask and Embla.

Regardless of his given name, the world's...
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Doctors May Soon be able to Turn Back Time

Scientists from Children’s Medical Center Research Institute at UT Southwestern (CRI) have made ground-breaking discoveries that could help to reverse the ageing process.
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We May Have Alien DNA

The answer to whether or not we are alone in the universe could be hidden inside every cell in our body.

Astrophysicists Vladimir I. Cherbak and Maxim A. Makukov are looking for an intelligent signal embedded in our genetic code that...
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Supreme Court Decison Nears on Who Owns Your DNA

A few weeks ago, we told you that someone ELSE may own YOUR DNA. Almost every cell in your body contains a copy of your genetic code--can a private company patent it and sell it? The Supreme Court says, "no."
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Someone ELSE Owns Your DNA

In the future, doctors will be able to diagnose the diseases we're likely to get, such as heart disease and diabetes, by looking at our DNA. That way, they'll be able to give us concrete advice about our health habits. But what if they have to consult the company who has patented our genes first? You may not know it, but you don't "own"...
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Our DNA Doesn't Predict What Will Kill Us

If we could test every infant's DNA at birth, we could predict what future diseases they might have and guard against them early--right? Wrong!

In the April 3rd edition of the New York Times, Gina Kolata quotes researcher Bert Vogelstein as saying, "...
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DNA May Not Always Catch the Culprit

We're relying more and more on DNA evidence to catch rapists and murderers, but there's evidence that psychological bias plays a part in how this evidence is interpreted. Labs aren't always as objective as we'd like them to be.

Recently, we've seen cases where DNA evidence freed innocent people from prisons, but sometimes,...
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Weaponized DNA Could be Assassination Tool

When it comes to war, guns and tanks (and even drones?) may soon be a thing of the past. Modern warfare (...
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Junk DNA: What's it For?

Scientists have discovered a lot of DNA that we don't seem to have a use for, so they've called it "junk" DNA. But now they may be discovering that it's not just junk, after all. They now think that at least 80% percent of it is active and needed.

The human genome is packed with at least four million gene switches that...
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Careful Mom: Spanking Can Change Your Kid's DNA

It's the kind of transformation we DON'T want: Children who are exposed to violence experience wear and tear to their DNA that is similar the changes that come with aging. In a...
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The Problem with Police Line Ups

On TV cop shows, victims almost always identify the perpetrators correctly, but real life doesn't work that way: DNA testing has revealed that witnesses often pick out the wrong person, while detectives, in the background, keep telling the person to "take your time." But new studies show that these witnesses should go with their...
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We May All be Martians

It's been discovered that DNA can travel on a meteorite, meaning that life on Earth could have been seeded from another planet--maybe even Mars. If that's the case, we don't need to look for life on Mars...
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Our DNA is Quantum!

A Nobel Prize winning biologist says that a fragment of DNA "teleported" itself between test tubes in his lab, meaning that it demonstrated the quantum ability of being non-local, i.e. in two places at the same time. What are we...
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Ancient DNA--What Can It Tell Us?

Researchers recently revived ancient bacteria that had been trapped for thousands of years in water droplets embedded in salt crystals. Is this a good idea? This bacteria been found inside salt crystals ranging in age from thousands to hundreds of...
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Should We Store our DNA in Case Doomsday Comes?

But how and who owns it? - If December 21st, 2012, really does bring ominous news, or an asteroid wipes out most of the life on Earth, the human race won't end if we've stored away some DNA. But it would be stored on computers and no one knows how long computer hard drives could last.

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Humans & Aliens May Have Same DNA

And DNA is telepathic! - On the Discovery Channel website, Luke Mckinney reports that all DNA strands are built out of a set of 20 amino acids and scientists now think that the first 10 may occur throughout the universe, meaning they could have arrived on earth on asteroids from deep space for from other planets. And strands of...

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Sea Urchins R Us

We may not be related to Neanderthals, but we ARE related to small sea creatures called sea urchins! The Sea Urchin Genome Sequencing Project (SUGSP) Consortium (yes, there is such a thing) has announced that they have succeeded in decoding the DNA of the sea urchin...and found it surprisingly similar to ours.

They found more than 814...

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