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Science Fiction becomes Science Fact: Light Sabers are now a Reality

Every Star Wars fan dreams of owning a real light saber, the elegant and beautiful weapon of choice for any Jedi knight. Well, according to the latest news from Harvard and MIT, the Force could soon be with us.
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Meet DARPA's ATLAS: Rescue Robot...or Terminator??

The Defense Advanced Projects Research Agency (DARPA) has created a humanoid robot test bed that could lead the way to the creation of machines intelligent enough to do tings like find people buried in rubble after earthquakes and enter 'hot' nuclear power plants. Also, presumably, to be used on the battlefield as 'land drones,' and in other...
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War Will Never be the Same

with these inventions! - The military has deep secrets, and some of their inventions are bizarre AND useful. A new kind of engine, invented by an American, is being built by the Chinese, who claim it could revolutionize airplane travel, space travel and war.. Meanwhile, DARPA, the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (the...

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