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Hear That Howling?

Around 2,000 coyotes live in Chicago and New York and their suburbs--and probably in the big city nearest to YOU as well. They were once restricted to the Southwest, but they've spread across the country in the last 100 years. When your backyard got too crowded, they...
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Ghost Towns Springing Up Across US

Not the kinds with real ghosts in them (NOTE: Subscribers can still listen to this show) but places that used to be bustling communities that are now almost empty. In an increasing number of American...
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Why it's Wise to Play Your Hunch

It’s an unfamiliar neighborhood and you find yourself in the middle of a bunch of streets and buildings you’ve never seen before. Giving the environment a quick once-over, you make a snap decision about whether you’re safe or not. And chances are, that first "gut" call is the right one.
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Time to Go Home?

In the US, why are the rich getting richer and the poor getting poorer? Part of the answer has to do with where you live. Economist Ronni Pavan says, "Our results show that overall up to one-third of the growth in the wage gap between the rich and the poor is driven by city size independent of workers' skills." In other words, if you...
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Climate Change: Blame the Cities

All over the world, people are moving into cities from the countryside, because young people want jobs and older people want a more convenient lifestyle. These changes could significantly affect global emissions of carbon dioxide over the...
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City People

Crazier than country folks? - Are city residents crazier than people who live in the suburbs or in the country? A new report says yes.

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Sprawl Causes Storms

A city my be a world unto itself, but what happens if it is located in an area where it rains a lot? We assume that the rainy countryside surrounding some cities is that way because of where the areas are located. But there may be another factor: Sprawl.

Researchers think that a city's sprawl may have an influence on the amount of rain...

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Are Cities Alive?

James Lovelock first coined the term Gaia, a word that means viewing the Earth as a single living, breathing organism. A new scientific trend views the world's biggest cities the same way. More than half the world's population today lives in cities, and the world's largest urban areas are growing rapidly. The number of megacities (metropolitan...

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Search for the Perfect City

Is it possible to create a perfect city? This has been tried before, with varying degrees of success, with the creation of cities such as Brasilia in Brazil, Canberra in Australia and Arcosanti right here in the US, but the most successful cities seem to be those that rose up naturally (although some may be sinking down again). Now the Middle...

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