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The End of Hummers?

It's hard to believe, but true: the demise of a tall, willowy plant called the glacier lily, that grows in mountain meadows throughout western North America, could mean the end of hummingbirds. It flowers early in spring, when the first bumblebees and hummingbirds appear--...
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Butterfly G.P.S.

It's about time for people in the Northern climes to say goodbye to the butterflies for the winter. How do these delicate creatures manage to migrate such long distances? It turns out they have a G.P.S. in their antennae.

Every fall about 100 million Monarch butterflies migrate to the south. On BBC News, Judith Burns quote researchers as...

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The World's Biggest Migration

People are immigrants but insects are too, and the incredible annual journey of Monarch butterflies seems insignificant compared to the amazing migration of these little insects!

Every year, millions of dragonflies fly thousands of miles across the ocean from India to Africa. It's the longest migration of any insect. Monarchs fly about...

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More Butterflies are Missing--UPDATE

We're beginning to notice that there arefewerbutterflies around this year. People who monitor Monarchbutterflies in Minnesota blame it on less milkweed, which isthe butterflies' favorite food and the only place they laytheir eggs, but they don't know why there's less of itaround than there used to be.

Butterfly expert Karen Oberhauser...

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