In Brazil, dogs are undergoing plastic surgery. Dr. EdgardBrito, who gives them wrinkle-reductions with Botoxinjections, as well as full facelifts, says, “Why shouldn’ta dog be beautiful?” But just as we don’t want artificially-enhanced athletescompeting in the Olympics, dog shows don’t want competitionfrom surgically-altered animals. But dog shows have an evenbetter reason: winning dogs often command high prices forproducing puppies, but if their winning traits come fromsurgery, they won’t be able to pass them on.

In, Steve Kingstone quotes dog owner Anita Alt,who has had plastic surgery done on her miniature schnauzerBrutus. She says, “We imported Brutus from Argentina to be ashow dog.”

“But then one of his ears started drooping,” Brito says,”Which is the kind of thing that would disqualify him from acompetition? At a crowded show the judges get only threeminutes with each animal. That’s not long enough to tellwhether a dog has had surgery.” But he does have his limits.He says, “Here at my clinic I would never attach anartificial testicle.”

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