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Talking to the Birds

Some birds speak our language, but what most of us hear is bird song. Can we figure out what they're saying (singing) to each other?

To many people, bird song can herald the coming of spring, reveal what kind of bird is perched nearby or be merely an unwelcome early morning intrusion. But to researcher Sandra Vehrencamp, bird song is a...

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What Birds Will We Hear This Spring?

Researchers aren't sure how migrating birds choose where to go to lay eggs and raise their young. However, they think that the environmental conditions birds face in their first year may help determine where they breed for the rest of their lives. But since global warming is CHANGING these conditions, birds may begin to migrate to different...

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Global Warming: City Birds Versus Country Birds

Scientists have discovered that city birds are smarter than country birds. Global warming may already be driving some species into extinction. BUT some birds are a lot SMARTER than others, and THEY may survive. And new discoveries indicate that birds may use ley lines to navigate.

City birds seem to have an advantage over rural birds,...

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Strange Deaths of Birds

A large number of crows are dying in Lewiston, Maine, and the pattern of their deaths does not suggest either disease or accidental poisoning. It could be that the birds are being intentionally poisoned, but the fact that their deaths have been confined to a few certain trees in the area mitigates against this as well, and suggests that these...

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How Bird Mates Find Each Other in the Spring

Scientists are still trying to figure outhow birds getaround. They also want to understand how birds from thesame species may be isolated from each other for months, butstill somehow know exactly when to return home to meet upwith their mates again in the spring. It was once thoughtthat bird pairs stayed together when they migrated, but...

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How Birds Do Without Sleep

Sleep researchers want to know how birds are able to migratethousands of miles every year on very little sleep. Theystudied sparrows in their laboratory and found the birdsreduced their sleep time by two-thirds during the periodwhen they would ordinarily be migrating but still functionedwell. But during times when they wouldn't have...

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Wild Parakeets in San Francisco

Wild parakeets, escapees from pet stores and pet shipments, have set up housekeeping in cities from Los Angeles to Montreal, London to Madrid. In San Francisco, former rock guitarist Mark Bittner near a colony of red-headed parakeets, that have been living in Telegraph Hill since the 1990s. They were imported from Ecuador and Peru and either...

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Feed the Birds to Hear Them Sing

If you hear birds chirping in the winter, it means they've built up enough fat reserves to survive the cold nights and have enough energy left to defend their territory. When food is scarce, they have to decide whether to spend their energy hunting for food or use it to sing. A bird sings at dawn if it has enough energy left over from keeping...

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Another Silent Spring

Maryland's Baltimore orioles could vanish altogether in this century due to dramatic changes in migration patterns influenced by global warming.

A new study due out soon from the National Wildlife Federation and the American Bird Conservancy suggests that the effects of global warming may be robbing Maryland and other states of an...

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Strange Birds Seen in Unusual Places

The National Audubon Society?s annual Christmas Bird Count shows that birds are being spotted in places hundreds and even thousands of miles from their traditional habitats. It may be due to the changing weather, but scientists can?t really explain it. ?It?s shaping up to be very interesting,? says Geoff LeBaron, the national coordinator for...

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Afghan Bombs May Affect Birds

The war in Afghanistan could have a long-term impact on the birds that migrate from central Asia to India every year. About 200 species of birds--including the Siberian crane, shoveller duck, crested poacher and Arctic tern--leave Russia and central Asian countries such as Kazakhstan and Turkmenistan and fly to India at the end of October or...

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