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The Arab Spring May be Caused by Drought

It's feast or famine in the Arab world, which is why climate change--NOT a hunger for freedom--may be what's behind the revolutionary movements in the Middle East that have become known as...
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Does Arab TV Broadcast Dangerous Messages?

Nidal Hasan, the alleged shooter in the Fort Hood massacre, will soon face a military trial and could, if convicted, be sentenced to death. Hasan was radicalized by jihadist websites on the internet, which brings up concerns about Al Jazeera, the Arab TV network that is now being broadcast in the US. However, a new study shows that despite the...
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Arabs Want to Go West

A UN study has found that most of the young men and women inArab countries want to leave home and move to the West."Remarkably, 51 percent of older youths expressed a desireto emigrate to other countries, clearly indicating theirdissatisfaction with current conditions and future prospectsin their home countries," the report says. This is...

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Anti-Arab Backlash Threatens

There must not be an anti-Arab, anti-Palestinian or anti-Moslem backlash in our country. The Moslem Faith is a rich and profoundly civilizing one; it offers as valid a journey toward God as the other world religions. It has a very different viewpoint toward certain things than other religions, most especially in the way it defines the social...

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