When we see reports about North Korea, we are shown rows of soldiers marching in lockstep. Old newsreels of Hitler’s armies and Soviet troops show us the same thing. There’s a REASON that dictatorial regimes that want to control the minds of their populace concentrate on building up their armies and parading them around. It’s not just to show the world their military might, it’s because moving in harmony (or seeing OTHERS moving that way) can make people feel more connected to one another and, as a result, lead to collective action (could this be one reason for cheerleaders too?)

While we know that synchronized action in things like activities like yoga and dancing can produce good vibes, but the interconnectedness created by coordinated action can obviously be mined to make people behave destructively instead.

In a series of experiments, researcher Scott Wiltermuth found that people who moved in synchrony felt more connected to those in their group and were more likely to choose something negative at the request of a teammate than participants who performed actions out of sync with one another. They identified with the interests of their own group over that of the whole.

Wiltermuth, an expert on group dynamics, says the findings are the first to indicate that synchronous activities may be used to influence leader-follower relations and are especially pertinent, as synchronized action like marching and chanting are still used in political and religious rallies to influence people throughout the world. He says, "The findings suggest that synchrony cannot only be used for good, but also as a tool to promote evil."

How can we cultivate and increase the latent powers of GOOD within us, rather than encourage the evil? How can we contact or interact with the Visitors? In his long lifetime of Visitor contact, Whitley has found that mediation is the key to all of these things. Whitley has many wonderful meditations for you in the subscriber section and he’s written a guidebook to the way he meditates called The Path. In it, using the Tarot cards, he explains all the meditation techniques he has learned from the Gurdjieff work–AND from the Visitors!

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