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Fat Pills

The bacteria that lives in all of our guts may explain why we're fat. Farmers fatten up their livestock by feeding them antibiotics and when we eat meat and poultry,...
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Antibiotics on the Farm

80% of the antibiotics sold in the US are fed to chickens, pigs, cows and other animals that people eat, yet the farmers who raise these animals are not required to report on which drugs they use on what types of animals, and in what quantities they use them...
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Dangerous Antibiotics in Imported Fish

This was found in samples of shrimp purchased in New York. Researchers have found evidence of antibiotics--one of them a suspected human carcinogen--in seafood imported into the United States and purchased from grocery store shelves. The antibiotic nitrofuranzone, a probable carcinogen, was found in two of the samples--one from a farm in India and...
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Antibiotics in Food May Finally be Over

Change IS possible: Faced with the news that a class of antibiotics previously banned by the US government for poultry production is...
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What's in that Chicken?

You don't want to know: A new study found evidence suggesting that a class of antibiotics previously banned by the US government for poultry production is still in use. And there are other strange things besides antibiotics in our chicken as well: Poultry on factory farms are routinely fed caffeine, active ingredients in the over-the-counter...
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Antibiotics are Making Us Sick

In the zeal to eliminate dangerous bacteria, it is possible that we are also permanently killing off beneficial bacteria as well. We're all worried about superbugs caused by the antibiotics in meat, and we're taking more antibiotics than ever. By the time a child...
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The Meat You Eat May be Dangerous

Most of the beef we eat here in the US is tainted with antibiotics, because ranchers fatten the cattle up by feeding them corn, which irritates their stomachs (grass-fed cattle don't need these medications--and ALSO do not raise your cholesterol).
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Farmers are Killing Us with Antibiotics

Food kills one person every 2 hours in the US alone--usually from bacteria like the recent E. Coli that has stricken Germany. In the June 17th edition of the Independent, Jeremy Laurance writes that "Resistant genes for toxic forms of E.coli can jump from animal to human strains. The outbreak of a virulent antibiotic-resistant strain of E....
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Don't Drink the Water

The typical American uses 99 gallons of water a day for washing clothes, bathing, toilet-flushing and cooking, and that amount doesn't even come close to the amount of water used on a daily basis by electrical power plants.

On NPR, Terry Gross interviewed water expert Charles Fishman, author of "The Big Thirst," who says,...
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Cow Drugs

Update - Science breakthrough: There's a drug we can give to cows that, instead of being a problem for meat-eating humans, might actually be beneficial to them, because it can help prevent outbreaks of food-borne illnesses caused by a nasty strain of e-coli bacteria. It's a better cure than beef slime!


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Drugs in Meat

So many antibiotics are being fed to cattle that physiciansare afraid these valuable drugs will stop working forhumans. This is all because when ranchers feedcorn tocattle (whichare grass grazing animals), in order to fatten them up,their stomachs become upset, so they're given antibiotics.

The Obama administration has announced that it...

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Antibiotics in Cattle Not Needed?and They Make Us Sick

Ever since ranchers stopped grazing their cattle, and started fattening them up more quickly with corn, they've had to dose them with antibiotics, since cows can't digest corn easily and it often makes them ill. Corn feeding also produces beef with high levels of cholesterol, unlike grass-fed beef, so corn-fed beef may be one of the causes of...

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Honey is Antibiotic

Honey helps treat wounds that refuse to heal because it stops bacteria from growing, and even fights strains of bacteria that are resistant to antibiotics. This discovery is especially important because conventional antibiotics no longer work well, since many strains of bacteria are no longer affected by them. People covered wounds in honey in...

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Antibiotics May No Longer Work

Doctors in Detroit recently amputated the toes of a 40-year-old woman who was not responding to antibiotics and discovered she was infected with a virulent new strain of staph bacteria. The new bacteria became totally resistant to all antibiotics by stealing genetic material from another bacteria. Dr. Fred Tenover of the CDC says, "This is an...

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Healing Saliva

A substance found in saliva could help develop new drugs to treat antibiotic-resistant infections. It raises hopes for people with diseases like HIV and cystic fibrosis, who regularly develop infections that are difficult to treat with conventional drugs.

Dr. Libuse Bobek, of the University at Buffalo School of Dental Medicine in New...

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Return of a Vanished Disease

We are told not to over-use antibiotics, especially for minor problems like a sore throat, or else our bodies will become resistant to them. But this new medical policy may have caused the return of a potentially fatal disease that had almost vanished.

Lemierre's disease was fairly common early in the 20th century and was eradicated when...

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