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Mystery Plane Frightens Quincy Mass Residents

The FAA knows what a mysterious plane that has been flying low in loops over Quincy, Massachusetts for the past few weeks is doing, but it is refusing to tell. The plane is not owned by state or local authorities. An FAA spokesman has said that they do know why the plane is there, but that they cannot inform the public. They are even refusing to say whether it poses a danger or not.

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I believe I know exactly what they are doing, but not here...not now. Later when things change with the power possessing beings that run this place...


No way the FedGov could get away with that in the south. It would sound like the opening day of duck hunting season. Nope, they can only do that in the pacified subservient north. Like calling martial law a "lock down" and getting a standing ovation after a CIVILIAN turned in the accused bomber. Pathetic

Hagbard: I live in Alabama, and you are absolutely correct, it would be a real event, like a Nascar Race.....BTW: I will tell you that this was a "Sensor Scan" flight. We used the same technologies in Nam. Chemical sensors or other sensors, light, and easy to install and remove....They just hang the probe out the window......


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