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The "McMoon's" Project: Civilians Take Control of Ex-NASA Satellite

Thirty years ago, having your own mobile phone or computer was a rarity, and was considered to be the ultimate in technological sophistication. Now it is far more rare to find an individual who does not possess some form of hi-tech device, and even our "silver-surfing" grandparents are techno-savvy.

So in these...
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Will Quiet Sun Reverse Global Warming Trend?

The term "global warming" has been described as one of the most misleading descriptions of the modern world by president of the Space and Science Research Corporation, John L. Casey, in his new book, "Dark Winter: How The Sun Is Causing a 30-Year Cold Spell."

Casey claimed in a recent interview that the increase in...
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Researchers Create Functional Brain Tissue

For the first time, researchers have created biological tissue that functions like brain tissue.

The human brain remains one of the least understood organs in the human body, because of its complexity and the difficulty of studying its physiology in a living person. Tufts University researchers today announced development of the...
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Mass UFO Sighting over Houston

UFO sightings are commonplace, and videos of unexplained objects are made every day. It is not every day, however, that an object appears over a large city and remains unidentified. This is what happened on August 12 over Houston, and so far the large object ringed with lights remains unidentified. It is possible, of course, that it is a...
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Torrential Rains Swamp Long Island

Long Island, New York is being flooded by unprecedented rains. There are thousands of swamped vehicles throughout the island. So far one death has been reported., when an eighteen-wheeler skidded into an SUV on the Long Island Expressway at 4:40 in the morning. The storm dumped thirteen inches of rain in the region between Tuesday evening and...
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Yellowstone Eruption Claims Denied by Park Officials

A rumor that the Yellowstone supervolcano is about to erupt has been racing around the internet, but park officials say that there is not the slightest sign that this is going to happen, and, as can be seen in the Old Faithful live webcam, no evacuation is under way....
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