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Weekender: A Skeptic’s Close Encounter on His Wedding Day

What happens when hardcore skeptics have an inexplicable encounter with the paranormal? Their eyes may open, their heart may soften, and their conviction in the rectitude of their own opinions may be forever shaken – providing they’re intellectually honest. The founder of Skeptic magazine clearly is an honest man; for when Michael...
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Engineer Drawing Internet Network Graph Photo -

Divided We Stand – When All ‘Meshed’ Together

Now that we know that the ‘feeling of being watched’ is not a paranoid delusion, and that we actually are being watched all the time – even through the walls of our homes –isn’t it about time you built your own Internet?

That’s what techno-activists and growing communities of users are doing at...
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Group Of Young Woman Eating Cake.

Have Your Cake & Eat It, Too – With No Regrets or Repercussions!

Sound too good to be true? Well, actually it is – but virtually it’s not. And soon – Project Nourished plans to serve-up its multi-course fantasy fare at Pop-Up tastings in Los Angeles, California.

This delicious idea began brewing over dinner last fall when Jinsoo An (...
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Beautiful Sexy Woman with Glamour make-up licking a cat

Personality Problems: Blame Your Cat

 In an earlier story, we reported that your cat may be passing on parasites to you, parasites that affect the way your brain works. Now this story has been confirmed by a new story suggesting that a "clever cat parasite may alter human cultures on a massive scale."...
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Robot Women

The Age of the Cyborg is Upon Us

Doesn’t it strike you as odd – as science and technology continue to accelerate the pace at which the future overtakes the present and then quickly disappears into the past – that we still haven’t figured out Who we are, What we are, Where we are, Why we are, and How we got here – let alone what the Nature of Reality...
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Weekend: Alien Life Forms Breeding Away in USC Labs

“Some of the best evidence for life in space lives right here on Earth: It’s weird, adaptable, and far hardier than we ever thought.” —Alissa Zhu

Panspermia is the ancient idea that the seeds of life exist everywhere in the Universe. Spread like spores by stellar rocks and dust as well as by human-made space...
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