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Your Fears May Not Be Your Own

It seems that it’s not just physical traits that are inheritable. Now scientists are finding evidence that learned behaviors and even phobias can be passed down through the generations via chemical changes in the DNA.
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Golden-winged Warbler -

Scientists Tracking Tiny Songbirds Make Surprising Discovery

In May of 2013, in the Cumberland Mountains of North Eastern Tennessee, Dr. Henry Streby from UC Berkeley and his colleagues from the Universities of Tennessee and Minnesota captured and equipped 20 tiny golden warblers with geo-locators to see if their migration patterns could be tracked in this way. Eleven months later, in April 2014, the...
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Weekender: Can Plants Think And Feel?

Plants are generally considered to be more basic forms of life than animals. They cannot speak, or walk; they do not have powers of reasoning or conscious thought.

Or do they?

Scientists are now coming around to the idea that plants are sentient living beings, with a sophisticated awareness of their surroundings. Not only...
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Are Our Oceans Hiding Mysterious Sea Monsters?

Ancient legends of sea monsters attacking ships abound, but to date these tales remain fixed firmly in the realms of fantasy.

Yet do the depths of our oceans still hide these mythical creatures, or is our changing climate allowing new creatures to evolve?

Recent reports from New Zealand describe a massive sea creature...
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