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Be Careful How You Cook It

It's not just what you eat--what you COOK it in can affect your health too. Children and teens with higher blood levels of the chemicals used non-stick cookware and waterproof fabrics have elevated total and LDL (bad cholesterol) levels. Other ways they could have been exposed to these chemicals are through drinking water, dust, food packaging, microwave popcorn--and even air. A recent national survey results detected them in almost all} samples of human blood.

According to a Doctor friend microwaving destroys the Bioflavonoids and Vitamin B in all use yours sparingly.

My Dog refuses to eat food that is stored in plastic bags or frozen. It better come out of bag or can or she refuses it. What does she smell with that wittle nose of hers that we can't that makes the food non-appetizing? Do I trust her? You bet-ya I do.

We are indeed poisoning ourselves daily.

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