There’s a theory that vegetarians are more peaceful, but new research shows it’s actually meat eaters who are LESS aggressive. What about our images of a grunting or growling animal snarling at anyone who dares take their meat away from them–Wouldn’t that go for humans, too? Football coaches feed their players big hunks of red meat before a game in hopes of pumping them up. The idea that meat would illicit aggressive behavior makes sense, as it would have helped our primate ancestors with hunting, co-opting and protecting their meat resources. That’s why psychologist Frank Kachanoff always assumed that the sight of meat would make people more aggressive, not less, as they get ready to vie for their part of it, but he discovered it’s just the opposite: According to resent research, seeing meat appears to make human beings significantly LESS aggressive. Maybe we should feed our football players broccoli instead?

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