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December 21, 2012: What it Means and What it Doesn't

I have never been a believer in the idea that December 21, 2012 will be a day of catastrophic change. First the most often-mentioned source of the destruction, this supposed planet Nibiru, doesn't appear to be there. It is claimed to be on an elliptical orbit, but there's a problem with that. Specifically, elliptical orbits violate Kepler's Law. In other words, such an orbit can't exist. There is apparently a large planet lurking at the extreme limits of the solar system, but it is no threat and will never be a threat. Another claim has been that a massive solar outburst will take place. But the sun is quiet now, and, in fact, the present solar max won't reach its climax until next summer. In addition, there are no comets, asteroids, or anything else out there that might bring on the sort of destruction that people have been speculating about for years.

I haven't thought that some sort of magical energy will reach us from the galactic center, either. That's not to say that I don't think that we can get into contact with higher energies. I know we can, because I've done it many times, and I have some meditations on the site that walk you through how to do it. It works, too. These energies are real.

However, what is not real is that we are going to cross the edge of the galactic plane on Friday. Right now, according to an article from 1985 that I found in the prestigious journal of science, Nature, we are between 75 and 100 light years above the galactic plane, and won't cross it again for another 30,000 years, as our solar system slowly orbits the galaxy.

In fact, both the end-of-the-world predictions and the 'galactic plane' predictions are based on pseudoscience.

That does not mean, however, that we aren't in a time of change, and a period when extraordinary energies are around. We are in such a period. We are facing a new climate regime that, over the next twenty years or so, will profoundly change human life and human experience. There will be disruptions in food supplies that will cause social upheavals in affected areas. There will be alterations in the way that the climate actually works that will be accompanied by extraordinary weather phenomena.

in fact, both of these things are already under way. The upheavals in the Middle East were triggered when bread costs escalated after drought caused the Russians to stop exporting wheat in 2008. In the US, we have already seen two of our great cities damaged by extraordinary storms. The first, Katrina, turned into a monster when it entered the Gulf of Mexico, due to the fact that Gulf waters were unusually warm, a direct result of increasing temperatures. The second, Sandy, moved farther north than any hurricane ever to strike the US northeast, again due to unseasonably warm waters. It combined with two cold fronts to create a true superstorm.

There will be more such upheavals, and even greater ones, in the future. Most notably, if methane hydrates now frozen on the ocean floors begin to turn into gas, there will be a very rapid warming followed a few years later by very rapid cooling as the methane dissipates, and that process will change our world more fundamentally than anything that has happened since the end of the last ice age 14,000 years ago.

At the same time, though, we are making extraordinary gains scientifically. True artificial intelligence is just around the corner. A fundamental understanding of the nature of life is also on the way, and with it will come new ways of living that are likely to include dramatically increased life spans. So, assuming you don't blown away in one way or another, you might turn out to have a very long life indeed, especially if you are now under about forty. And you are likely to welcome an entirely new kind of being into the world: the intelligent machine.

So this is quite a time. I wake up every morning filled with excitement and zest. Not that I think that everything is going to be wonderful. It isn't. But I have to say, I LOVE living in interesting times!

I'll conclude this with an outlier: February of 1519, when Cortez invaded Mexico, was also the time that the Aztecs expected the return of Quetzalcoatl. This caused them confusion that proved to be fatal. So their calendar was both right and wrong at the same time.

So is the Mayan Calendar. It's right that a time of intense and rapid change will begin unfolding in 2013. It's wrong that the world will end. I hope!

Joy of the season, folks!

"A fundamental understanding of the nature of life is also on the way, and with it will come new ways of living that are likely to include dramatically increased life spans. So, assuming you don't blown away in one way or another, you might turn out to have a very long life indeed, especially if you are now under about forty."

I'm under 40...does this mean I will live to age 1,000?

I've had a recurring interest in the oldest people who have ever lived. I find it interesting that most of them didn't necessarily live a healthy lifestyle. Jeanne Calment lived to 122 and she ate gobs of chocolate every day. I think the expression of their genes and some lifetsyle habits (not smoking, not working in a coal mine, etc.) play significant roles. A healthy mindset, i think, is doubly crucial. Great news for all of us who practice meditation!

But who really wants to live that long? Man, what is the world going to be like in a hundred years? Just look at the previous century?

I began by writing "It's hard to imagine a world that I would want to live in for so long."
But that isn't true.
Society, culture, ourselves will be so fundamentally changed.
I think I can see the change that is coming clearly. It will be so different, like the smell of moon dust. It isn't anything we can know yet, but we can all suspect it,
we can get over preconceptions and belief and fear.
The first step is to consciously look out for each other. We are only used to
"Denial of the right to thrive."
I think it's all I know.
But in truth, "Forgiveness is everywhere. It is the soul's very air."
I don't mean to quote the Key as it were another holy book. It is a holy book, but there are so many, I don't think that is what makes it stand out.
It is the fact that it stated the definition of God so simply and clearly.
"What is God?" asked Whitley.
"An elemental body is a mechanism filled with millions of nerve endings that directs the attention of God into the physical."
I think that is the understanding and work we are directly headed towards. It won't be easy at all, at all,
... it will be an amazing exploration in sharing creativity, joy, and ecstasy.
...and maybe the scent of moon dust will find it's way to our evening tea.

I hope we all live long enough to see the advent of the *conscious* machine. In the meantime google "memristor 3d ai".

I guess at 51 I'm hosed-but I just don't see that that those under 40 will have much more life extension that the average. True their are great strides with teh human genome and the eradictaion of some genetic diseases. But these will have soical, financial and political impacts that will impede our progress. If you saw teh lacl of general patient compliance in my ER every day you be a tad cynical about humanity- but of course I am seeing the worse of the random sample.
What are these life extensions that will benefit mankind?

As for the Lord's of Time and the Mayan calendar it would be wise for all of us to remember all teh hucksters and soothsayers that got it wrong. Still, I enjoyed the UPENN exhibit of Mayan culture and Dec 21 2012.

Whitley, I am so glad to read your optimistic view on any impending changes! It is quite refreshing after reading all about the alleged Illuminati. What a frightening concept. Do you have any opinion on this group?

Just want to note that elliptical orbits do exist, and that a planet is presently on such an orbit about the sun: the planet Sedna. At the far end of its orbit, Sedna is far out in cold space; at its closest position to the sun, it is much closer but still beyond our farthest familiar planet, Neptune. It is speculated that its orbit could be caused by a second sun, perhaps a red dwarf, too far away to be seen.

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