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Friday August 22, 2014

Triangle UFOs and Strange Sounds

For the first time, the strange sounds that have been present in our world are being connected with triangular UFOs. The sounds being heard are so loud, that it's difficult to believe that the triangles or some sort of conventional stealth aircraft. As one of Linda's guests comments, 'audio connects to fight or flight responses in the brain.' But why have the triangular craft suddenly become associated with sound when they have been almost universally observed to be silent.

These sounds are focused on the human mind, and we must ask the question, what if the entire planet was subjected to this phenomenon at the same time? Don't miss this provocative, disturbing and shockingly informative interview. (This is a reprise of a report done for subscribers. Linda's new report will be available in the subscriber area on Saturday, August 23. Normally, her reports will continue to appear first on Dreamland.)

Dreamland will be on hiatus next week. Have a wonderful Labor Day!

In September, we will be starting an exciting new year of programming. Joseph Farrell will be back, joining Uri Geller, Matthew Fox, JZ Knight and many more in our new lineup. And, as always, there will be more exciting reports from Linda Moulton Howe, and weekly visits from familiar guests and new. Dreamland: Unique in the world.

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High Strangeness Synchronicity

An ultra high strangeness event took place on Thursday involving a report received by Linda Moulton Howe, a book Whitley Strieber was writing, and one of the strangest photographs we have ever seen. The image shows a small entity about 44 inches tall. It looks like a garden gnome, complete with the familiar red conical cap. Such creatures were first describe in the historical record during the time of the Roman Empire, and the first image of one is a 2,000 year old wood carving that was found in Norway. At the moment Whitley Strieber received this image, he was writing a chapter of a new nonfiction book that was actually about the small blue figures that are commonly observed by close encounter witnesses, and was actually speculating about a Germanic version called kobolds who are said to live underground.

One of our photoanalysts offered this commentary: "The file's EXIF data looks totally clean, and matches the description given. The camera was a Bolymedia hunting camera, and all the image specs seem to be correct in the given context. It's certainly one of the oddest manifestations I've ever seen." It should be noted that the camera involved records the time that photos are made, and the three pictures (the one above plus two others) were taken just 1 second apart. For more detail about his report, listen to his statement as read in Linda's interview. A detailed report with more images will be posted on Earthfiles.com late on Saturday, August 23.

This is an email from the witness who found these photos on his trailcam:

"I have a cabin north of Pittsburgh in the mountains of Western Pennsylvania where I enjoy the summer months. I have a game camera set up in the woods to capture images of the abundant wildlife in the area. I've been using one for almost 20 years now. Three weeks ago, after checking my camera, I discovered a series of three images of a creature that I have NEVER seen before. The images were taken consecutively and 1-second apart. It is not a leaf in the foreground or any type of weed or plant. My camera detects heat and motion, so whatever this was, it gave off heat and also moved. I've left the camera in the same spot all summer now in hopes of capturing more images of it, but I have not. My father and I also took comparison pictures to determine the height of this creature. It stands approximately 44-inches tall.

"All I can say is, to me, it looks like a gnome, troll or brownie of some sort. In picture #1 (200 .jpg), the creature is walking towards the camera. It has a pink pig-like face, bulbous black eyes and a bizarre coned head. His legs are skinny. It's not until pictures #2 (201 .jpg) and #3 (202 .jpg) where you can see the coned head seems to be a hat with a white ball on top. Also, in picture #2 his back is now facing towards the camera and it looks like he's wearing leather of some sort. I've gotten pictures of unknown things before with my game camera, but always dismissed them because it was always one photo. With only one photo, it could be explained away as a bird taking flight with an upturned wing, a trick of light, lens flare, or misidentification or whatever. But, with three images, all showing pretty much the same creature, well . . . now I'm stumped."

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The fact that this event coincides with the writing of your new book is not a coincidence, Whitley. There are no coincidences regarding your relationship with the unknown.

It looks like George Noory.

Hmm, most curious.

This is odd.

Couple of years back I had recurring dreams of being used in some macabre 'war' between red and blue short devils.

This picture has reminded me that a blue dwarf, with whom I came to establish a trusted and much valued moonlit brotherhood, always allowed me options, whereas the red ones were somewhat less inclined to do this.

Fascinating photo.


Oh also, George Noory isn't that tall, plus, his legs are skinnier.

I'm looking forward to seeing the other two photos.

Not to go against the grain, or to sound disrespectful, I love this site and everything it represents...but, as for the subject in the photo, has a bird been ruled out as a possibility? Especially some kind of hummingbird? The wings moving that quickly could give the "beard" appearance, as well as a heat and motion sensor activation. Again, I really, truly do believe in the little people and inter-demensional realities and their beings being present around us....but, not sure in this case.

Is there a link to the other 2 pics? Maybe those will show more?

AACK!! I can't see it in the picture!

It took a while.

It took me a while, than yep there it was, the pink cat or dog like face with dark almond shaped eyes, horn(s) and the tall fairy or magician hat, woe!

hard to know exactly what it is, but at first, reminds me of a kid with a towel over his/her head running from path to...? So add'l photos would add lot of clarity, tx.

Synchronicity...I've been checking out the history & lore of the faeries this week especially the history behind the 1920 Cottingley fairy photos made famous by Arthur Conan Doyle. As to these latest photos there is definitely something there.Check out www.earthfiles.com for all 3 photos.This is wild!Thank you Whitley! Can't wait for your new book.

Intriguing but not good enough to be what I would consider pictorial evidence of this type of life, if it exists. I'd welcome the other two pictures. But the fuzziness of the image here keeps this from being much more than an anomaly. In 2014, with the technology we possess, should these types of creatures exist and walk our woods, an acceptable standard would be a certain clarity associated with the images. Look forward to learning more since, with an open mind, there are always possibilities. Thanks for the images, Whitley, as always.

Very, very strange.

I went and looked at Linda's pictures on her website and that little pink thing is really moving.

Thank you once again, Whitley.

Thank you Whitley and Linda!
Still shaking my head - I don't feel any sort of threat looking at this little gent. He seems frankly to just be going about his business - what ever that business may, indeed, be.

In folklore (particularly German), they always come at night to help out (make shoes, and make toys, clean up a mess etc) - Are they here to help out now?, Do they perhaps shake their head and say"you silly humans! look at the mess you have made!" Now we will have to come and fix this for you again!! When you look at his picture, he almost seems intent and busy. Not a trouble maker, as trolls are depicted .....Very curious.......

A German name for them is Heinzelmännchen. And yes, also Kobold.

"Heinzelmännchen are gnome-like creatures found in the Black Forest of Germany. They are rarely seen, however always helpful to creatures and people alike.

„Wie war zu Cölln es doch vordem,
Mit Heinzelmännchen so bequem!
Denn, war man faul:.... man legte sich
Hin auf die Bank und pflegte sich:
Da kamen bei Nacht,
Ehe man’s gedacht,
Die Männlein und schwärmten
Und klappten und lärmten
Und rupften
Und zupften
Und hüpften und trabten
Und putzten und schabten.....
Und eh ein Faulpelz noch erwacht,...
War all sein Tagewerk..... bereits gemacht!“

To English:
"How was it Colln was so comfortable with Gnomes!
After all, you were lazy: .... you lay down
And when they came by night,
Before you think it,
The little man and swarmed
And folded and made ​​loud noises
and plucked
and plucked
And jumped and trotted
And were cleaning and scraping .....
And when the lazy man awoke, ...
Was all his day's work ..... already done! "

It looks like a Schmoo slinking away.

Absolutely fascinating photos and synchronicities.

Now take a breath and consider that this may be a plea for help.

“Gnome: A legendary dwarfish creature supposed to guard the Earth's treasures underground.”

Is FRACKING going on or about to begin in that area?

Could this be a desperate plea from very subtle beings to those of us who are prepared to listen to help them protect that area?

Perhaps this is warning us that the Earth is about to be turned over and that which is below will surface?

Lastly, doesn't it look more than a little like a GREY wearing a small red tunic?


Gotta hand it to 'em. Those little dudes sure can come up with some clever disguises! They truly possess a sense of humor and quick thinking to keep from getting caught, but like all us, they occasionally slip up.

I feel that this is both 'inner' dimensional as well as inter-dimensional. Many years ago, during meditation, a Native American shaman took me on a little journey to the center of our galaxy, where he showed me the black hole that is powering it. Of course it was not a black hole, but a worm hole. What astounded me was that on the other end of the worm hole was the interior of our planet. A few years later I read Barbara Hand Clow's 'Alchemy of the Nine Dimensions', which gave me a better perspective on the vision I had experienced with the shaman.

So yes, possibly these beings also live 'underground', but also are able to traverse reality (or realities) through a series of wormholes, not unlike 'underground' subway systems. What's a metaphor you? :-)

If you take into account the strange sounds, earth changes, and the interconnectedness of all things, especially living things at this particular 'time', what goes up must come down, and what goes in must also come out (ha, ha). The fact that this little being was in a 'natural' setting just shows that they are connected to nature in all its forms. Life IS precious and we must protect it the best that we can.

Just this morning there was a powerful earthquake in Northern California. A couple of weeks ago Robin Williams' ashes were scattered in San Francisco Bay. ( A bit of an imp himself, and also with a warm and giving heart. He was 'Mork from Ork', and so much more). I think a lot of synchronicities are gong on right now, but only to those of us that take the time to notice them. No one else, even on this message board, may see the connections I have just made, but it doesn't matter to me as long as I get it on a personal, spiritual level.

This all so cool!

Yes, looking at the three photos, its clear to me that it isn't a bird, which I thought it might be at first. I also looked at the 1920 Cottingley fairy photos made famous by Arthur Conan Doyle on the internet. Interesting. There were 5 taken, the 5th at a later time than the others and even though the girls who took them claimed later in life that the first 4 were hoaxed (which doesn't mean they were, the girls could've changed their stories for a number of reasons) it seems they still stood by their claim that the 5th is real, according to wikipedia anyway.

You know, maybe energies from different times and space open up around us and give a peek into other realities...and I think maybe those openings are stronger and more frequent in certain places on the earth, like Skinwalker ranch, Whitley's cabin in NY, Sedona, AZ, Four Corners etc. Maybe they are as freaked out by what they see as we are by them:)

My God yes, Cosmic may have lowered the veil. I think I can see it now.. you decide.

Photo one... the classic Gnome.

Photo two... the gnome/projection with a white orb above it and slightly to the right.

Photo three... the fading projection/manifestation with the wormhole/norway-spiral type astral/ectoplasm beam emanatinmg from the fading triangular orb.

Look, dwell on what I've suggested and look again at the three pics. I honestly feel I can see this possibility but remain open.

Norway spiral...

My Goodness, 1947.. just noticed that. I swear this just fell together.

Pic one... that's not a Gnome's coned hat.. it's an ectoplasmic spiral, once you rethink what you're observing.

No, I don't know what all this is but I feel it's really, REALLY important for someone that that place is left alone.

They are even prepared to share secrets of manifestation so please listen and consider the possibility.

I want to leave this culture and civilisation but giving up isn't an option, not when others are so prepared to try.

More coming through.

William Henry's Sufi Wormhole dance on the cruise ship jumps to mind too.

Take a look at this and feel my twirling vibe. It's all I can do:


Von Hausenberg: Yes, dead on! It does not appear to me to be a hat, nor the 'pom-pom' on top that appears in the second photo. I see the pulling and stretching effect as the being may be coming out of, or going back into the portal. The white ball doesn't look at all like it is part of the hat---but indeed an orb that is probably really a portal. Actually,our human minds can probably handle the idea of a gnome better than it can the concept of what may really be going on.

I also noticed on Linda's earthfiles.com site that the second picture shows the white orb hovering over the being with nothing connecting to the entity underneath.

I wonder if the 'message' of this incident is meant as an invitation of some sort? Is anyone brave enough to try and spend some time sitting in the area of the camera and see if it comes back???

The reddish thing? Looks like a bird to me.

Cosmic and everyone, I guess the question now is, well, how do we move forward with this next?

The moment Cosmic mentioned wormhole it was like a light coming on.

Now, the little people are real it seems to me. I took several photographs a few years back of my workstation here at home and noticed on one of the digital snaps, an orb with what looked like a face.

The face, albeit vague, resembled Tibetan features with oriental eyes and a look of kindness and wisdom. Maybe that's a stretch but, it gets better. For the past couple of months, I've been taking a few drops of White Powder Gold most days. Usually 2 drops in the morning and two in the evening.

The very first night, I repeat, the first night, I awoke inside a very odd dream with two Tibetan Monks, though their features were much 'squishier'. Their faces reminded me instantly of the descriptions of so-called aliens in Tim Good's 'Alien Liason' back in the 90's when I read it.

One of the Monks spoke to me in a strange tongue that sounded like " Wirra Hirra Wirra" or something like that. Meant nothing to me until a few days later when I remembered the orb face pics and Tim Good's book.

Consider then that when, throughout history, people have seen the little people, or Gnomes, Dwarfs or Trolls that they are actually encountering a conscious being, Orb-like in nature that can project an impression or real manifest image. Even cameras can capture them it seems.

As Cosmic mentioned, can moving between realities be part of their skillset too?

All this is just amazing and has made for a magical weekend. Phew, it just keeps getting more and more interesting.

Outstanding weekend, thx UC.

I am particularly curious about the fact that the camera has two photos time-stamped at the same time. Assuming the data is genuine and not manipulated how can the camera take two images at the exact same second? I'm not familiar with this type of camera but I suspect it needs 1-2 seconds to pre-process the image and allow the flash to recharge.

Possibly, this may indicate some kind of temporal overlap occurring in the immediate area as the images were taken. Also, the sequence may be showing the entity leaving this dimension instead of entering.

P.S. -- Was this video ever debunked? (You may want to turn the volume down a bit. The music is cool for about the first ten seconds...)


A town somewhere actually put up a statue of one of these things they claim has been seen for years, but I can't find the reference.

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