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Last April, John Hogue predicted the widening war in the Ukraine and the beginning of a new cold war. Those predictions have proved to be startlingly and frighteningly accurate, so what does he see now? And what was the “grand cross” that he discussed in April, and how has it affected our world? John is in a period of extraordinary prophetic accuracy. Don’t miss this vitally important discussion.

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  1. Thank you so much for having
    Thank you so much for having him back on these issues! I have his new book and have read it. I also have most of his other books as well. I was just wondering what happened well into the Dreamland mp3 it seems like there was an abrupt edit when he was explaining his opinion, then I believe the next thing heard was your mentioning his new book. I only mention this as I did not want to miss anything he had to say. The subscribers’ special was Special!

  2. I cannot express my gratitude
    I cannot express my gratitude enough to you Whitley for these last few subscribers’ specials! Your solo, “Our Future with the Visitors”! You, John, and Carl have woven an exquisite, important, and intensive body of knowledge and inspiration in me and I am sure others who are paying attention. Preparing all our lives, our solar system not even a memory down the halls of time, our individual and collective intention, it is all so inspiring!
    Brilliant Whitley, brilliant! Thank you.

  3. There isn’t any edit. Perhaps
    There isn’t any edit. Perhaps a moment of mutual aphasia! I’ll get the track looked at to be sure it’s intact.

  4. I have to agree with John in
    I have to agree with John in his assessment of Putin. While not a ‘good’ man, I don’t sense that he is inherently evil either, and right now you can see that fear is in his eyes and overriding his mask of confidence. This whole thing with the plane being shot down was not part of his plan. He is flip-flopping a lot, and he has stoked a tide of nationalism in Russia that is not in anyone’s best interest, including his own, and I think he knows that.

    I find that I have more concern over our own people and their intentions than those in other countries. This country is so divided, and now here in Texas we also have to deal with a governor that has just been indicted for abuse of power. Some say his abuse of power was really just normal politics, now move along. And THAT is the problem. Why is it ok, and also expected, that politics must be so dirty and reckless? Why is it ok to stir people up over political and ideological divides? Why has ‘moderate’ become such a dirty word? Why have the media and the American public embraced the word ‘extreme’ for everything from food, to sports, to politics?

    I see more and more oppression insinuating itself into our nation, and that concerns me. Forget Putin and look into the reflecting pool of the Washington Monument instead. We must not only talk the talk, but walk the walk as Americans and as human beings.The dream of the Founding Fathers must not be allowed to turn into a nightmare. Quit waving the flag and embrace what it stands for instead, and BE the change.

  5. Aphasia, yes. Fortunately
    Aphasia, yes. Fortunately aphasia isn’t always indicative of a serious health condition!
    It happens to everybody to some extent or another.
    It reminded me of an “edit” more than sounded like one. Thank you.

  6. I am always rapt when
    I am always rapt when listening to John’s information. I think it’s very valuable to pay attention to the prophets of doom, I call them. But/and could you also interview some credible prophets that foresee positive forecasts for humanity and the earth, please?Thanks.

  7. Here!Here! Cosmic. You have
    Here!Here! Cosmic. You have touched the issue that we need to focus on exactly. I am 81 years old and lived in Austin for 35 of those years. I have grieved for my country and the current attitude I see that has divided us and the disdain that people who believe they have the only “truth,” be that religious or political, have for those that may disagree.
    Thanks Whitley for the programs this week. There’s much to consider and think about and see where our own responsibility lies.

  8. From my perspective, while
    From my perspective, while the Ukraine situation is a major flashpoint, Putin and Russia aren’t the real problem. If you want to look at all the diabolical characters lined up, you need look no further than George Soros, a real Nazi… also gov-mafia don Biden, his son and cohorts, who are orchestrating the terrible war-chaos in the Ukraine, much of which goes unreported on bimbo media.

    Right now, in Ferguson, Missouri, the ‘feds on the dark side’ are psy-oping this overall good community with militarized police units in an attempt to get a race war going. Or, one more DIVIDE AND CONQUER strategy designed to bring in hardcore martial law. To me this is far more worrisome, and is far more dangerous to freedom of the people here, and worldwide.

  9. Whitley, Anne and John, I
    Whitley, Anne and John, I know this is not in line with the John Hogue interview but I want to post it anyway after reading, “And what about China in the Year of the BLACK WATER SNAKE?”…..Special Interviews going deeper for our subscribers.

    On Thursday morning I woke up with this dream.

    I am back at the house where my good friend grew up. On top of the flat roof there is an ORANGE SNAKE lying flat and stretched out, its large head is facing forward and the mouth is closed. The snake is gigantic as only one could be in a dream and is so vibrant/bright that it glows. It has the advantage in that it can look down and observe people standing on the ground. It seems to have a quiet intelligence but can be stirred into action if it so chooses, THEN, a venomous strike. The people looking up at this creature are trying to figure out how to get rid of it since it is such a huge threat…..The dream ends here.

    I feel this to be a significant dream and if I had only one guess, it would be an event related to our SUN.

    Tonight, Saturday, the ABC Movie was ‘Harry Potter And The Chamber Of Secrets’ (Basilisk/Snake). Synchronistic and just feels like I should post this. I did not know this movie was on this evening and discovered it when I was changing channels.

  10. While Whitley and John were
    While Whitley and John were talking about Putin the part that reminds me of the “aphasia” is right after Whitley says, “he can’t win unless he does this” and John says, “I will go on the record as saying categorically that is never going to happen” then it becomes unintelligible as it sounds like you are both talking at the same time, Then the abruptness, then the next thing is Whitley mentioning John’s book.

  11. I didn’t have a bad feeling
    I didn’t have a bad feeling about Sept 11. I did however felt that as I was watching the election results of 2000 on Fox News that We would be in Iraq if not in the first term, some time in the second term.

  12. Here is a comment from John
    Here is a comment from John on one of his FB pages:
    We all have it in our minds a habit to reflect back on a blank screen or on silence or the great unknown in general our projected thoughts. Many of you assume some skullduggery or a heated interchange happened, because that’s what’s in your mind. Let me put your minds a rest: 1) nothing suspicious was done; and, 2) there was no heated conversation between Whitley and I. We have a difference of opinion about Vladimir Putin and he and I both respect that. I do have a view about Putin, that, in America at this time, is very much against the grain of all this “Russia bashing” and Putin demonizing in the US media. If anything Putin is the only world leader involved who is rational, centered, and a shrewd player of “Realpolitik”. He is not a man-child running up one sanctioned escalation after another based on his own false narrative of what is really going on in Ukraine. If anything, I would say that the gathering crisis in leadership setting us on a path to a Cold War is mostly centered in Washington where American hegemonic interests from both the Left and the Right have found common ground with the aid of the Obama administration. We have an immature president who has issues with having no real fatherly rearing, so, he surrounds himself with alpha male father figures in his cabinet, and he has become their leading follower, not the leader of the nation. He does their bidding and that bidding is guided by the special interests of neoconservatives (like Victoria Nuland) and liberal exceptionalists (like Skull and Bonesman John Kerry) in Obama’s poorly chosen cabinet that he is “lead” by. Anyway, thanks for asking. I hope this helps all of you wondering about what happened.

    Well, I am glad, now that has been clarified.

  13. Whitley, you and John managed
    Whitley, you and John managed to summarize in two discussions the major reasons for my long-time depression. An individual does what he can to be a positive force on this planet. That is all most of us can do. Still, I don’t sleep well…

    I heard echoes of the words of Carol Rosin, Werner Von Braun’s associate in later years, when you talked about the “enemy” created by the military industrial political complex. She talks about space-based weapons, but she might as well include the entire military agenda. Please listen, starting at about minute 3 of the following interview (sorry about the source):

  14. Read The New Cold War and it
    Read The New Cold War and it should be clearly understood what is transpiring.
    May our governments and industrial complexes find their way to cooperate and bring a new and lasting peace and prosperity to the world. The alternative is unacceptable.

  15. Thank you for having John
    Thank you for having John Houge on as a guest. I always enjoy the shows where he is featured and listen to them multiple times.

  16. Thank you for having John
    Thank you for having John Houge on. As subscriber, I am having difficulty finding the second half of the interview on your website.

    Love John!

  17. Listen to this man, and to
    Listen to this man, and to Joseph P. Farrell. They do not have the vapors for Putin in any way – neither of them would call him a nice guy – but they want to be honest and truthful about the matter in a way that our media is not. They are not popular for saying what they say, I’m sure, because right now the Russia bashing, led by our media by the wishes of its owners, is part of that ‘Murica ‘Murica chauvinism that too many people in this country mistake for patriotism (by a curious mix of psychological needs and manipulative design methinks). If we go down in nuclear conflagration, it will not be, as some would comfort themselves, “in a blaze of glory for America,” but in the fires of shame for everyone involved, and to the sorrow of everyone, involved in the shenanigans of the thing or not.

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