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Friday September 9, 2011

Genes, Giants, Monsters and Men

Chaos is increasing all around us. It is planet-wide, so there is really no place to hide. Survivalist preparations may help, but not for long, because we are looking at much more basic changes than ever before in recorded history, changes that are larger than any we have seen since cities began to appear six thousand years ago.


This week, Joseph Farrell takes us on an extraordinary journey into our own deep, deep past, to a time when he says we knew the truth about nature and the world we live in, and were not as we are now, as a visitor once said to Betty Luca,  left to "wander in eternal darkness."


IS our deep history different from what it seems? If so, what has been lost and how can we regain it? Listen as Oxford-educated Dr. Farrell offers enlightening speculation about why it is that we have ended up in such a difficult moment in our history, with so little idea of what has happened to us, let alone why.

His website is GizaDeathStar.com.

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Is Mankind being Manipulated and How can We Escape?

For Unknowncountry subscribers, Joseph Farrell discusses some of the practicalities of the deep manipulation of the human mind and the human species that he believes has been ongoing for virtually all of our history. How does it actually work? And can we use ancient sacred sites in a completely new way that recognizes the power of the ancient science that created them?

Many Unknowncountry.com subscribers make pilgrimages to sacred sites, and here Joseph offers useful and very new ways of understanding what those sites were originally intended to do, and how to make use of them again in the ways that were originally intended, before the knowledge declined into the empty rituals that are all that remain in the historical record.

Don't miss Joseph's excellent book on this subject, the Grid of the Gods.

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"Children of the northern peoples, you wander in eternal darkness..." In the Native American tradition the White race is in the north, people of physical intellect. The Red race (Native Americans) is in the west, the earth keepers. Each of the four races planted in the cardinal directions has a special role and abilities suited to fulfill thei roles.

The Quinalt tribe of Washington State say one of their women who was not married became pregnant and was sent outside the tribe to live, exiled. She had four children and her puppies became the best hunters and fishers in the tribe. That's why the Quinalt have four clans. Cherokee myths tell about men who came to the women and co-habited with them. Moreover, the Cherokee appear to have originated in Honduras, which was the eastern boundary of Mayaland. They also had a tradition of giants. There are giants and there are giants. Not all giants are the same even though all giants have larger statures than most humans. Native American revere their ancestors from the stars and commonly relate benign visits.

Native Americans from the north in Alaska to the south in Argentina carry a distinct DNA signature in the Y chromosome.

As a decendant of european and native american heritage I`m a bit confused...

As a decendant of african, native american and european heritage, I am also confused...

Although this is probaby well known information (I'm a neophyte reader and subscriber), I've always found Genesis 6 Verse 4 intriguing: "There were giants in the earth in those days; and also after that, when the sons of God came in unto the daughters of men, and they bare children to them, the same became mighty men which were of old, men of renown". After listening to Dr. Farrell, it no longer seems quite so mysterious.

Spain - the Basque peoples of Spain seem to have some distinct lineage from the rest of the country (and maybe Europe as a whole) and a language that has as yet unknown origins... and MAY have been location of Annunaki (per Michael Tellinger's works I believe).

I kept thinking about something Osho said, to the effect that anyone can see God, but that God energy is colored by the medium through which it passes, evil people see demons, the loving see angels.

Another great interview with Joseph Farrell, who is ALWAYS thought provoking, interesting and one of my favorite guests.

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