Whitley Strieber's Dreamland
Saturday April 18, 2009

Europe's UFO Wave

The earthquakes in Italy were accompanied by a flurry of UFO sightings in Rome and Milan, and Whitley Strieber interviews Italian UFO expert Paola Harris about the possible significance of this. The UFOs videotaped were not earthquake lights, but actual, structured objects. The sightings have been covered on Unknowncountry.com, and they raise the question: what is the connection between UFOs, earth changes and large-scale natural and historical events on earth?

The religious aspect is also covered, as Paola tells us about a very provocative statement quietly made by the Vatican last year, to the effect that people from other worlds do not suffer from original sin. Why would they say this? If they know it to be true, then how do they know it? Or do they know something else about our visitors that they are keeping secret?

This interview was recorded on UStream, so it contains live listener questions. We will soon have a our UStream station embedded in the subscriber section, and will feature not only live recording of Dreamland, but also meditations and a whole array of live video activities.

Paola Harris's website is PaolaHarris.com.

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