Whitley Strieber begins this new series of bible readings with Psalm 31, which is what he took with him during the long struggle of presenting Communion to the public and enduring waves of laughter and criticism, while at the same time going out night after night to seek and sometimes meet the visitors.



  1. New bible commentary! Yes!
    New bible commentary! Yes! I’m sure I speak for others when I say, wheee!

    Seriously, I’m very glad to see this resumed, and had been waiting patiently. I prize these very much you know. I know others do too.

  2. So am I. Since the Wedding at
    So am I. Since the Wedding at Cana I have really missed these.

  3. What synchronicity! I have
    What synchronicity! I have been reading the bible (for the tenth time over my lifetime) after making a commitment to myself to read it once a year until I feel that I understand it. Since I am not part of any religious community, I was thinking how nice it would be to get other perspectives on what I’m reading from others who simply want to understand it, and today, i see this item! I look forward to some good discussions on the bible now. thanks

  4. I love the Bible. But are we
    I love the Bible. But are we referring to the Council of Nicea’s cannonized version made to shape the thoughts of mankind toward a particular way of influencing our thinking process and I would go as far as to say controlling our very lives? I truly love Psalms. But the duality of man as well as viewing ourselves as having/deserving a spiritual side is lacking in the King James version. I would like to think that the “Lost Books of the Bible” are referenced here. I am in no position to make judgements. Only a little nobody making a simple comment. If, however, a little late it would appear.

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