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There is a complex process of contact taking place now in three areas: the British Midlands, the east central United States and British Columbia. It may be unfolding elsewhere as well, but these are the three areas from which extensive reports are coming and good cases being documented.

In Britain, there are no reports of abductions or close encounters. Rather, sightings elaborate and extensive enough to cause cars to stop along highways during the day are being reported. In the United States, for the most part, the situation is similar, with the exception of an event in Kentucky that I discussed extensively in the last part of this journal entry.

My last journal entry caused a certain amount of confusion. Let me make a couple of things clear, as I have many times before. First, the fact that I am now concentrating on some dark and fearful events does not mean that I have ceased to believe that there are positive experiences of contact. Second, I have never changed my approach to this, not from the first day I realized that I was having contact in early 1986.

My approach is to try to be as objective as possible, to clearly indicate my degree of certainty about anything I am talking about, and, above all, not to respond to what I am learning and experiencing through some sort of filter of theory. In other words, when I see good things, I try to say that. But when I see bad things, I have no intention of concealing them or trying to twist them into some sort of ?positive? spin. I will tell the truth about them, also.

Right now, things are happening that seem quite terrible. People are being brutalized. There is even some evidence of murder.

But let me illustrate just how complicated this question of ?good vs. evil? can all be, using an experience from my own life.

I woke up one morning in the winter of 1987 in the predawn, aware that the visitors had come to engage in a meeting that I had visualized during meditative contact with them over the previous few weeks. Immediately, I got up, put on a heavy robe and fur-lined slippers in order to go down into the snowy woods to meet them.

I mounted a small hill, and could see in a field beyond the copse near the house the shadow of an object. I could see movement. And I could hear a curious clanking sound, almost like a washing machine with an uneven load. I knew from letters I had received from other witnesses that this curious sound sometimes came from a hovering UFO. It had certainly never been reported anywhere, so it led me to think that I hadn?t been dreaming. They were down in the clearing beyond the copse all right.

The plan had been for me to go down and sit on a bench. The being I had befriended, whose portrait appears on the cover of Communion, would sit with me there.

But then I heard, in my head, a voice like a radio. It was as clear and distinct as if I was wearing earphones. It wasn?t a pleasant voice. It said, ?come on, come on,? with an ugly impatience. I got the immediate impression that I was walking into a trap from which I was concerned that I might not return.

Thinking of what it would do to my family if I disappeared, I turned and went back to the house. The instant my hand touched the doorknob, there came from that woods the most complex, most emotionally rich sounds I have ever heard in my life. There were three cries??oh, oh, oh??and if an angel could cry out in despair, I think that was how it would sound.

As I returned to my bed, I was aware that a living being had entered the bedroom. I couldn?t see anybody, but there was no question about it whatsoever. Those of you who?ve had similar entity approaches will know what I mean.

A second later, one of the most extraordinary things I have ever known unfolded: I was plunged back into my babyhood, into the moment I first walked. I don?t mean that I was given this memory. I mean that I relieved the experience in my baby body, gliding like magic amid the towering furniture, and the joy, the wonder that I felt was surpassingly precious, and has become part of the foundation of my being.

There followed, over the next few years, a falling away of the amnesia of babyhood. I remembered all the way back to the time of coming into my mother?s body.

And so I was left with a question: was I in the presence of good or evil beings that morning? If I?d gone down to them, would they have done something awful to me as that first voice portended? Or would I have come to the borderlands of heaven?

Now, I wish to go forward in time and revisit the events that have just taken place in Morehead, Kentucky. First, a UFO was sighted. There is no question of it being an airplane, a flock of birds, a meteor or a star. It dropped down in a series of movements like an elevator. When it reached a field, it turned first yellow, then red. Then it darted off into the sky like a bullet. At that point, a woman was heard in the field screaming in agony. The police mounted an immediate search, with no result. So far, nobody has been found dead or reported missing, as far as investigators in the case know.

This case came to light because one of the witnesses recorded his observation with the National UFO Reporting Center. Investigator Kenny Young followed up, and found a number of credible and sober witnesses to both the sighting and the screams.

The result of this was that the event became public knowledge, and, in large part through my efforts, has struck fear into the hearts of many a close encounter witness. Because I am just such a witness, I know just how scary such a report can be. I do not want to believe that I am helpless in the clutches of something monstrous any more than the next man does.

I lived with the visitors in my life for many years. This was an extremely subtle, paradoxical and complicated experience. I encountered many different levels of being, some of them openly terrible, others more neutral, others sublime. I have no way of knowing if they were all the same or different creatures entirely.

The same experience that started out as a holy terror of rape and sheer human dread in dead of a December night in 1986 led to an event in June of 1998 so sublime that I wouldn?t be surprised to find out that it was a meeting with an angel or even with God: this was the time I spent with the Master of the Key. (I have transcribed the conversation I had with him in my book the Key.)

During the course of my long education in contact, I have learned that we are dealing with a mind or minds that are very efficient, but that do not work like ours work. Nevertheless, the communication is there, and there was very definitely communication in Morehead on the evening of November 21.

Let?s see if, by describing what happened carefully enough, we can gain some clear knowledge of why it might have happened.

It?s clear that the UFO was meant to be seen, and to be unequivocally identified as an unknown. This is why it maneuvered as it did, and why it shot away like a bullet. There was intention being exhibited, and that intention was to tell the observers: this is not an ordinary object, it is an unknown.

Then there were the sounds, the screaming so terrible that it induced frightened residents to call the police, and the police to mount a search.

Nobody was found, however. So were these the screams of somebody aboard the UFO? If so, why were they heard after it left? When I was abducted in 1985, a friend, a state police officer, apparently chanced on the incident while it was happening. He heard the screaming from inside the object and stopped to render aid?only to be menaced by the object in such a way that he left the area instead.

So the screaming of victims inside these objects can be heard on the outside. I?m not surprised. What I was in was flimsy and looked old and worn. It looked most like the interior of a curiously shaped tent. There was nothing high tech about it, not from my standpoint. When my friend saw it come across the field it was in, gliding along flashing its lights at him, it must have seemed pretty high-tech to him, though.

The occupants of the Morehead object staged a theatrical event. If a body is ever found or somebody comes up missing who can somehow be associated with the event, then we will know it was more than that. But right now, it looks as if, should an actual person have been involved, they were returned to their lives unharmed and probably without the slightest idea that anything even happened to them.

Right now, the importance of the Morehead event is not the possible suffering of the victim. There may not have even been a victim, so that remains to be addressed later when and if more information becomes available. Right now, what we can say is that an elaborate act of theater took place, and we can usefully speculate on its meaning.

Normally, the visitors are very secretive. They impose government secrecy, I think, and they have orchestrated the lunatic culture of rejection that permeates our media and science. Concealed behind this wall of secrecy and denial, they can do what they please.

So why depart from that? Why suddenly engage in this elaborate theatrical of terror?

Could it be that whoever did this is not evil, but good, and that they were warning us, not intimidating us?

If somebody wanted to do things to us that we would not want done, the first thing they would try to achieve would be secrecy. Beyond that, they would want us to notice them as little as possible. Indeed, if they were efficient, they would penetrate our society and subvert any organized effort to address even the reality of their existence.

This has all been done, so it can safely be concluded that whoever did it wishes to do things to us that we would resist if we understood, and that our resistance would be a hindrance to them.

It would seem that the last thing they would want to do would be to call attention to themselves with a frightening event like the Morehead contact. They wouldn?t want to put us on our guard.

So, can we conclude that whoever enacted the event in Morehead was acting in our interest? We most certainly cannot, because it may be that they were trying to induce fear in order to see how we might try to defend ourselves? testing our defenses, as it were, with a reconnaissance in force. It would be useful to them to see just how the society at large might react. Would there be any organized resistance? Would law enforcement or the military react in a useful manner?? Or would the authorities and the population in general continue to pretend that contact isn?t happening?

There is no way to draw a firm conclusion about the motives of whoever orchestrated this incident, so the only rational thing to do is to take what they did at face value. For whatever reason, somebody wanted to terrify at least the people living around the field in which the event took place. Possibly they hoped, or even knew, that the ugly little drama they enacted would reach a wider audience.

No matter who did it and why, the message of the event is clear: we need to take whatever steps we can to protect ourselves.

But what would those steps be? Could it be that there?s nothing we can do?

Well, let?s examine that possibility with objectivity and care. The one thing that has been most consistently true about our process of interaction with the visitors, even going back across history, has been that they have been secretive. In the past, as now, there have been periods when they were apparently much more open about their activities. In his book Passport to Magonia, Dr. Jacques Vallee expertly documents some of those periods, such as the time in 18th Century Japan when there were so many UFO sightings that riots took place and the government fell.

At present, we are in a period where visitor theatricals are commonplace. Reading Filer?s Files or going to the National UFO Reporting Center website will tell you that UFO sightings are extremely common, and often very detailed. Videotape of UFOs is commonplace. Multiple witness and skilled witness observations happen all the time.

The difference between the present and the past is this: First, government actively denies reality and important elements in the culture that feel intimidated by the possibility of a penetration of superior intelligence from the outside allow themselves to live in a fantasy world; second, we have become aware that there is an abduction process which the visitors have been striving to keep secret from us.

I will not comment at length on what this process may involve, beyond saying that our entire history of contact with the unknown, chronicled in myth and legend, suggests that we have been reacting in a subjective manner to the abduction process throughout our entire history.

What is new is that a few of us now know that it is happening, and some have even developed an ability to detect the existence of the process in our lives. In December of 1985, I woke up when I was with them. For all I know, I could have been abducted nightly for my entire life and never known it, until that one night when I woke up. Did they wake me up or was it something I did to myself? I don?t know. But when I went out into the woods, seeking more contact, they responded to me.

What happened was that I began to see more of the world than a human being normally perceives. I went on a magnificent journey, during which I saw and interacted with, as physical entities, inhabitants of other realities. This led, eventually, to the Master of the Key and the publication of his words, that offer a way to understand what we call the soul as part of a much larger reality than we normally address, and a way to understand that the so-called supernatural and paranormal are really simply parts of normal reality that we are not richly equipped by nature to perceive.

The message of my contact experience is, therefore, clear: face the fear and you will get rewarded by breaking down natural barriers to perception that impede you from interacting completely with the world in which you live.

Now, there are going to be those who don?t want this to happen. Through all of our history, mankind has been passive, like a big, fat cow, in the higher world.

It is richly alive, though, and constantly interacting with us in dozens of different ways. We open gateways into it with meditation. We pray to its inhabitants. We seek its knowledge and its energy every day of our lives. But we do not understand it and we can?t see it, and the rationalist culture that has grown up in the part of human society that was most oppressed by religious superstition, the west, firmly rejects it and claims that it cannot exist?out of fear and hatred for the long dictatorship of religion from which we are just now emerging.

Remember what the west really is: a two thousand year old theocracy that has just, in the past hundred and fifty years, collapsed. Throughout that time, people of the type who now rule science were liable to be burned to death for even the most subtle suggestion of a thought that contradicted the rigidities of the theocracy. To give you an idea of just how oppressive this was, until the 18th Century, a person could be burned for suggesting that vision could be improved by glasses, because that suggestion put man above God by implying that his creation was not complete.

Remember, also, the words of the poet Rainier Maria Rilke, who wrote a series of elegies in response to what he regarded as an angelic penetration into his life: ?Animals see the unobstructed world with their whole eyes. But our eyes, turned back upon themselves, encircle and seek to snare the world, setting traps for freedom.? (From the Eighth Elegy. Translations by Rob Hunter.)

This turning back of vision is what rules our perception of the world, and it is this that actions of the visitors are compelling us to abandon. To live with them and under them, we will have no choice but to see the world with our whole eyes.

So, they have instituted the theater in the sky and now they are also instituting a dark theatrical in our own lives that involves abduction, sexual intrusion, rape and sometimes possibly murder. Again, Rilke offers a rich insight: ?Beauty is as close to terror as we can well endure. Angels would not condescend to damn our meagre souls. That is why they awe and why they terrify us so. Every angel is terrible!? (First Elegy.)

It is, perhaps, our meagerness that the visitors are challenging. To cope with them, we must wake up. Otherwise, I believe that they will gradually press us harder and harder and harder, until they force our desperate eyes to look up and face the world as it is, and ourselves as a part of greater reality.

Then what do we do? How do we act in such a way that things will get better for us? First, I am talking now to the few of us who are involved in this in one way or another. We are the sulking Achilles and noble Aeneas of this war. The great majority of soldiers hang back, unsure about the fight. And back home in Hellas, in the dreaming towns, the vast majority have no idea that a war is even being fought by us few.

However, every abductee should consider himself a soldier, because that?s exactly what we are. The body left mutilated on the roadside, its agony covered up by liars and dreamers, was a soldier who went to war all alone, and lost somewhere out in the night, and died in terror. What he left behind though, was a legacy and a challenge: make my suffering worthwhile, transform me into a hero by your own courage in the face of the menace.

Do you see how complex this is? Are you following the forked moral path I am treading along? How can an ?angel? rape and kill? Of course, they must be demons. I?ve got it all wrong!

No, indeed, I do not have it wrong. First, the whole demon vs. angel analogy is, frankly, too weak and forced to fit the situation. Wouldn?t demons be tormenting the evil? But they are not: the abductees are chosen for two reasons?their ethnic background and their mild natures. So our soldiers in this are hardly dramatic heroes striding confidently into desperate battle. Do you want to see one of our heroes? You?ll find them in the ordinary world, utterly without weapons, completely defenseless. Achilles might be that precocious little boy who lives in the middle house on the block, or the old lady on the corner might be your neighborhood?s Atalanta.

It would be a grave error to assume from what I have written above that we can console ourselves that something ?divine? is happening and that, ultimately, they won?t hurt us. Actually, our survival as a species is on the line in so many different ways that it would take me a hundred page journal entry just to begin to describe them.

We have, over our history, failed in a mighty and terrible way. We have failed to see the world as it is. The stories of the fall of man is the story of this failure. It is the story of our ceasing to see the world as a brilliant animal would see it in its unfiltered truth. It is the story of a terrible and increasing addiction to illusion.

Our gods, our religions, now also our science and our current world view, all are illusions and always have been. As the Preacher said so many thousands of years ago, ?Vanity of vanities, all is vanity.? (Ecc. 12:8) As long as we live as we do, we live surrounded by illusions. For thousands of years, we lived by the illusion that the numinous world was ordered by ?gods? to whom we prayed and made sacrifice. All those civilizations fell, because the gods don?t exist. Now, seeing that this approach didn?t work, we?ve decided to believe that the numinous world doesn?t exist at all. We?ve decided to embrace the physical, and to say that what we can see of it as we are now is all that exists of it. We have made this fantastically biased and arrogant decision despite the fact that, in just the past two hundred years, we have discovered vast areas of the physical that we didn?t believe existed before.

Our history is a history in need of glasses. We do not see the world as it is. I am suggesting nothing less than, if we are to address the visitors effectively and meet the challenge that they present, we must acknowledge the fundamental mistake of history, which is our attempt to ?encircle and seek to snare the world? with our minds. If we do not break the long thrall that has kept us sleeping, I think that they will keep eating at us and eating at us until the fruit rots and falls from the tree, and the pit sinks into the earth and sprouts a new intelligence in this place.

When you ask one of the old-line abduction investigators, whose courage and dedication found this extraordinary reality, what is to be done, they babble on about government disclosure and such. I have discussed both edges of that sword in this journal and will not do so again. If you say to them, ?I have a way of dealing with the visitors,? their reply is likely to be, ?if it involves meditation, I don?t want to hear about it.?

In other words, they want to keep this inside the established model of reality that has dominated western thought since the fall of the theocracy in the eighteenth century. And that, I am sorry to say, is not enough.

In fact, it is possible to change one?s appearance and position in the numinous level of reality. The Master of the Key tosses aside all the myth-based bunk about the soul and explains it in terms of conscious energy and radiant being. It becomes clear that meditation is a physical act that affects physical life?the very physical life of the energetic part of our body, that has come to be called the ?soul? and completely misunderstood in terms of our effort to impose meanings on the world that are actually too small to describe it.

But what does this all mean in terms of the visitors and abductions and mutilations and the terror which we now face. It means that, by strengthening and energizing the radiant body, we will increase our vitality in this other level of reality, and in doing so gain abilities and even rights that those who live in illusion do not have.

This actually happened to me. I can attest to the fact that it works because it did for me. I have offered on this website and in the Path and the Key effective means of empowerment through meditation that work, and have been proven to work. I will offer a meditation that constructs a soul-posture that is protective, that will change the way the close encounter experience works for those who use it.

But it will not change it for all. The present situation is such that the vast majority of human beings are going to continue to be surprised by the contact experience. They are going to continue to be waking up just as I did in 1985, in the presence of aliens. I will never, ever forget the moment that happened. I sat there trying to almost conjure my bed, trying to figure out how it was that I was not in it. Then I saw an enormous stick-insect moving about. I could not get the image out of my mind. It had the appearance of reality, not nightmare. An ice cold sword of pure fear went through me as I realized that I was not only looking at this awful thing, others were holding me, they had their hands on me. Then I tried to move, to fight and I could not fight, and I began to scream. I heard a strange electronic voice, very gentle and soft, start asking me ?what can we do to help you stop screaming??

Thousands of others have gone through the same thing. For the vast majority of us, the outcome has also been the same: a return home with a chance to become more awake and more deeply human than our own culture can ever give us. For a few, death has come under the most hideous imaginable circumstances. Those same awful figures have not simply raped, but killed.

What they are doing is their business. I don?t like it and I think it?s wrong, but I have no magic weapon that can fight them off, and neither, I think, does the government.

Also, I have no idea why some would be raped like I was, some few killed, and some few treated like kings. All I know is this: for the great majority of us, those who suffer but live, there is a fantastic opportunity here, to make of this something that will strengthen us and raise us above the lies and illusions of human society, that will, thus, free our beings to soar as men have not soared since before we left the forest.

Into the bargain, we will become able to face the visitors as what we now are not: free souls in possession of the gentle weapons of compassion and love that extinguish the bonfires of fear that the visitors spread, and touch their dark hearts with the burning acid of the rose.

?In the day when the keepers of the house shall tremble, and the strong men shall bow themselves, and the grinders cease because they are few, and those that look out of the windows be darkened, ?And the doors shall be shut in the streets, when the sound of the grinding is low, and he shall rise up at the voice of the bird, and all the daughters of musick shall be brought low; ?Also when they shall be afraid of that which is high, and fears shall be in the way, and the almond tree shall flourish, and the grasshopper shall be a burden, and desire shall fail: because man goeth to his long home, and the mourners go about the streets: ?Or ever the silver cord be loosed, or the golden bowl be broken, or the pitcher be broken at the fountain, or the wheel broken at the cistern. ?Then shall the dust return to the earth as it was: and the spirit shall return unto God who gave it.?

So said the preacher all those thousand years ago, when the soul of man already knew the meaning of this time of ours when ?the windows be darkened,? and ?man goeth to his long home.?

Do you know what he meant by ?long home?? He meant the whole life of the electric serpent that is the soul, existence across all of time. Do you think you can never find out who you really are? Take a shock or two from the visitors. You?ll be sent searching like I was, pants on fire, knowing that I either empowered myself or lived in anguish and fear. I chose to ?take the basket,? as the ancients would say, when a searcher accepted the challenge and the danger of the mysteries.

Take the basket.

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