Normally, I don’t write journals about political matters. That isn’t what this website is for, and I want people of every political persuasion to be comfortable here. Of course, the people of the extreme left and the extreme right are never comfortable anywhere that every detail of their ideology isn’t served, so they don’t count. But certainly, liberals, moderates and conservatives deserve to be comfortable. I have not seen any evidence that people suffering abductions and close encounters are exclusively limited to any one political ideology, and our responsibility is to provide a forum that reflects that.

So this journal is really not about the political debate. Of course, neither side has it right, but that’s beside the point. If we want an efficient, intelligent and generally acceptable solution to the healthcare conundrum, all we need to do is to change to a nonprofit system. Not a government run system or a profit-based system, but rather one that is simply designed to pay for itself without the added burden of providing profits for shareholders.

The administrators of such a system would tasked to make certain that their clients are as healthy as possible in order to minimize their ongoing costs, and to make the system as efficient as possible in order to make certain that it doesn’t go into deficit.

You will notice that neither side in the current debate has brought this obvious solution up. Everybody is bending over backward to placate Wall Street by keeping the private health insurance companies alive. The president is giving lip service to a government-funded option. Of course, it is true that Medicare works well, but a nonprofit option, self-reliant and independent of government control, is obviously the only intelligent choice.

It is, however, non-ideological, so it is irrelevant to both sides. Too bad.

All of that said, we need a healthcare system that is more open to the problems of close encounter witnesses. I have had post-traumatic stress disorder for years, but in order to get it treated, I would be compelled to lie about its origin.

I will not lie about its origin, and I don’t think that any of us should have to do that. Back in 1986, I was treated for the rape I experienced with protective antibiotics. The injuries were not severe enough to warrant surgery, but I have experienced pain ever since.

I deserve to be treated for this, as does everybody who suffers with me in silence. To me, no healthcare system has any legitimacy unless it recognizes the trauma of the close encounter experience and offers useful help for those of us have experienced it.

The nonprofit option will never come up because it is anathema both the the big companies who profit from health insurance and to the far left, who want a government program, just on principle. Whatever the outcome, most Americans will end up in some way ill-served. Conservatives will see more govern ment debt and control. Liberals will see more profits taken out of the hide of the sick.

Neither side needs to be ill-served, but both will be. But even more ill-served will be the millions of us who must keep our true suffering secret.

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