I have gotten in two books and interviewed the authors for upcoming Dreamlands that have, frankly, blown my mind. In all the years I’ve been doing this journal, I don?t think that I’ve ever written, specifically about books. But these two have changed the way I think about the world in such deep ways that I feel a need to write about them, in order to explore what they mean to our understanding of who we are and what is going on here.

One of the books, Sinister Forces, contains some information about connections between the UFO phenomenon, the CIA and the Kennedy Assassination that is the single most extraordinary piece of such information I have ever read. The other book, Hair of the Alien, discusses a piece of physical evidence from the body of an alien?DNA evidence?that, taken with the abduction encounter where the evidence was gathered, quite simply blows our whole understanding of reality out of the water. Completely.

Now, I know both of these authors. I have known Peter Levenda and Bill Chalker for years. They are both tremendously effective and intelligent people. Both are outstanding and careful researchers. But the evidence they have presented in their books doesn?t really require that their bona fides be established. It?s not speculative in any way. It?s simple fact that anybody can easily verify.

And it suggests?no, proves?that our world is just plain not what it seems.

Let?s look at Bill Chalker?s evidence first. Bill is an Australian UFO researcher, very much of the old school, one of those guys who is interested in facts and physical realities, not in stories. How ironic, then, that he has obtained the single most convincing fact ever found in support of the physical reality of aliens?and done so in a case that supports the wildest, most far out contact stories of them all, those that connect with the Celtic fairy lore.

The evidence consists of a couple of hairs that were provided by Peter Khoury, an Australian of Lebanese descent who has had a number of striking close encounters. Peter found the hairs after a particularly incredible experience in 1992, but one that bears a close resemblance to reports not only from other witnesses, most notably Jesse Long, whose case I discussed in the Communion Letters and which was featured in my book and NBC special, Confirmation.

Like Peter?s, Jesse?s experiences were sexual. In Jesse?s case, we obtained an object, a very odd shard of glass, that I discussed extensively in Confirmation and on the special. However, the shard, as strange as it was, and as convincing, is eclipsed in importance by the hair that Mr. Khoury collected for Bill Chalker.

Jesse experienced what can only be described as a sexual attack by a very strange looking woman. Peter, also. In his case, the woman was extremely pale, almost chalk-white, and had very white hair. He awoke to find her straddling him. Sitting nearby in the bedroom was another woman who appeared Asian.

The woman seemed to be trying to get Peter to suck at her breasts. Instead, Peter, in his terror, bit her. She did not react with pain, only with mild surprise. A few moments later, the experience ended and Peter discovered the two long, white hairs that he gave to Bill.

The hairs have been DNA tested and the results are incredibly odd. In the root, rare Basque mitochondrial DNA was found. Farther up the shaft, DIFFERENT DNA was found, this time rare Chinese mitochondrial DNA. In addition, CCR5 gene deletion appeared to be present. This rare anomaly confers immunity to HIV and other viruses.

So, it would seem that this person was some sort of hybrid, who had been further altered with the very sort of genetic changes that would render her impervious to AIDS?important, if she was doing a lot of what she tried to do with Peter.

It?s fair to ask, at this point, why, if Peter noticed this person, haven?t there been more reports. After all, it?s pretty memorable to be waked up in the night as Peter was, but reports are few and far between.

Bill has probably found the reason for this, and it is a true stunner. He writes in his blog:

?Sydney researcher Steve Walters drew my attention to the following strange tale from Scandanavian folklore which is striking in its similarities with Peter Khoury’s encounter with the “Nordic” blonde female entity. Thomas Keightley records the story of the “Elle-maid” in his classic 1880 study “The Fairy Mythology” (republished as “The World Guide to Gnomes, Fairies, Elves and other Little People”).

“A farmer’s boy was keeping cows not far from Ebeltoft (a village in North Jutland, current Denmark). There came to him a very fair and pretty girl, and she asked him if he was hungry or thirsty. But when he perceived that she guarded with the greatest solicitude against his getting a sight of her back, he immediately suspected that she must be an Elle-maid, for the Elle-people (Elf people) are hollow behind. He accordingly would give no heed to her, and endeavored to get away from her; but when she perceived this, she offered him her breast that he should suck her. And so great was the enchantment that accompanied this action, that he was unable to resist it. But when he had done as she desired him, he had no longer any command of himself, so that she had now no difficulty in enticing him with her. He was three days away …. (Upon his return) He slept for many days as the enchantment had lasted …”

One has to ask, if Peter Khoury had ingested whatever this being wanted him to consume, would he have remembered anything at all of that night? Perhaps abductees aren?t singled out at all, perhaps what makes them different is that they notice the approach of these beings and sometimes remember something, which most of us never do at all.

If this sort of thing has been happening throughout history, and the combination of the old and new stories suggests, at the least, that the encounter is of a very ancient type, then, quite simply, we are not only the independent creatures we appear to be, but also are being used?harvested, as it were?for our sexual material by somebody, much as we harvest bulls for semen with electrostimulators, as was done in my case, or, as in this case, by the use of a constructed being, because there is no other logical way to describe somebody with the DNA pattern observed in Khoury?s attacker. Even the absence of a pain response makes sense: a biorobot engaged in missions like the one carried out in Peter?s bedroom might well be attacked from time to time. It might be quite inconvenient for it to feel pain.

A remarkable window has been opened into the unknown by Hair of the Alien. Bill?s discoveries suggest that we are being sexually harvested via the use of advanced biorobotic technology, or perhaps by beings so altered that they seem to us not to be natural creations at all, but more like humans probably will be in another two hundred years or so, when the cloning of body parts and the creation of artificial enhancements such as memory banks, has blurred the line between man and machine, leaving us to wander a shadow-land of questions about who and what we really are?a shadow land that some of us, at least, are already exploring.

But it does appear as if we are seeing elements of what is essentially and in the end, nothing more than a world that is scientifically somewhat in advance of our own and is exploiting us for genetic material. At least, that?s part of what it is doing. Some aspects of this other world seem to be aware of our interests, and to be treating us, to a degree, ethically.

In my own case, I dealt with such beings. They attacked me and extracted semen from my body without so much as a by-your-leave. I was not abandoned, however. My efforts to reconnect with them succeeded, and I spent from 1985 well into the nineties in contact with them. I?ve ended up as I am now, with extraordinary technology embedded in my body, struggling to use it and sometimes succeeding, and with a deeply enriching spiritual journey behind me that has altered me to the very core of my being.

I was touched by an ancient and, I think, quite desperate world, a contact that has left me with the most profound questions not only about our true origins and nature, but about the real condition of intelligent life in the universe, large questions, such as whether or not it can, in the long run, succeed, and what the success of conscious being in any case might mean.

When we look at the beings that appeared in Peter Khoury?s bedroom, we are looking at something that has been manufactured by a complex technological society, using a science of which we can at least see the edges. It is also, by our standards, quite ancient.

Given that what was done to me, while similar in intent, used much more primitive means, in the form of an electrostimulator that could, in 1985, have been bought from any medical supply house, it seems possible that two different worlds at different levels of scientific advancement might be here using us for similar purposes. And, if some sort of genetic starvation always sets in when a species reaches a certain age, then why not many worlds?

And might not they all share the same motive, which would be to make certain that we remain passively available to their exploitation? Understand, I am not suggesting that they are brigands, but rather that they are doing something essential to their own survival?something that, if (or, more likely, when) we are in the same situation, we would also consider it morally acceptable to do.

To what lengths would we consider it acceptable to go to save mankind from extinction?

We might consider it very acceptable indeed, if we found a species that could save us, to take what we needed from them without actually harming them. But, if they became aware of what we were doing, might they not resist?

We would examine their culture, their beliefs, their sense of values, and we might well conclude that we could not convince them to give us what we needed, or sell it to us, or trade it even for what they might regard as miracles. Because, in taking their semen and their eggs, we would be taking more than their spirits, even; we would be taking the very essence of the species, and with every such extraction, removing not just the potential for a single creature, but whole lines and vast expressions of the species, echoing down the ages.

Indeed, they might want the best of what we have to offer, and have the means to find it. It might not be just healthy genes that they are taking, but what is best in us, the children who, if born among us, would have guided us and lifted us, and enabled us, also, to progress to maturity in the stars.

In this sense, they would not only be using us but doing it in a way that would be continuously diminishing our potential ever to resist them; a sort of counter-breeding program that insures that the best of us will, quite simply, never be born.

It is more likely, however, especially if ?they? represent numbers of different species with different moral sensitivities and ethics, that some might even be seeking to enhance us and hasten the time when we might join the broader world, while others might be, for their own selfish reasons, working against these aims.

In no case, however, would any of them want their present activities disturbed by their ignorant, frightened and aggressive victims.

There is an even darker possibility: perhaps we have been bred here for this, and we are no more expected to rise beyond our present state than we expect our cattle to rise beyond theirs. If so, then the vast cycle of extinction and recovery that appears to have been dogging mankind of millennia would simply be allowed to continue, in the same sense and for the same reason that we let fields go fallow for a few years to let them renew themselves before the next crop is harvested.

In such a case, whenever we learn enough about our true situation to imperil their captivity of us, it would be time to nudge our civilization into collapse and our world into chaos once again. In all likelihood, there will be other species designed very much as we are designed, living out their helpless cycles on other planets, so that, when the field of earth lies fallow, they are thriving.

Which gets me to Peter Levenda?s book. This one contains information just as fantastic as Bill Chalker?s. It is a more ambitious undertaking, indeed, volume one of a trilogy about nothing less than the occult history of the United States. The book begins before the Salem witch trials and proceeds across the centuries to our own era, on a hell-bent, breathtaking journey of a kind that no historian has ever taken before.

Secular historians, in fact, scorn every mention of the occult. Most of the standard histories of the Nazi era, for example, scarcely mention it and are, therefore, essentially worthless recitations of fact that will never provide the reader the insight necessary to real understanding.

Not so, Sinister Forces. Peter attacks the occult head-on, and sees its energy, insofar as it involves the use of hidden powers for secret means, as one of the deadly poisons of our era. He sees the innocent secularism of post World War II America in the same way that I do, as a deadly trap that has enabled well-intentioned fools to deliver our country to horrifying occult forces that none of us can begin to control, let alone understand.

On another level, these forces may be a social and cultural mechanism designed by the concealed husbandmen of our species to provide the energy needed for our eventual destruction.

I have known Peter for about five years, ever since I happened upon a copy of his first book, Unholy Alliance, sitting on the cut-rate table in a used bookstore. The book was about an issue that I consider of central importance to human welfare and the future of civilization: the postwar Nazi survival.

The reason that this is so important is that Nazism is a death cult, and even those who are not conscious of their participation in it, who have taken its lethal energy into their own ideologies, even those that have the appearance of religious foundations. Whenever an ideologue seeks to control others, or to bring great death, he is tasting of the same energy that inspired Hitler and his minions. It?s an old energy, of course, but we are growing frightfully efficient at using it, if the dead of the wars are any measure.

There is, in Sinister Forces, a glimpse behind the curtain that surrounds this society of ours that is more deeply shocking, I think, than anything else I have ever read, because of the way in which it reveals our controllers at work, and exposes their motives for all to see.

It involves a connection between the first UFO sightings and the assassination of John F. Kennedy. It is not hypothetical or based on questionable documents. It is simple, easily provable fact.

On June 21, 1947, the summer solstice, a harbor patrolman called Harold Dahl, his two crewmen, his son and the family dog witnessed six gleaming metallic objects above Maury Island Bay in Puget Sound, where they were sheltering from rough weather in their boat. One of the doughnut shaped machines seemed to be in trouble, and eventually dropped slag from its underbelly, which struck the boat, killing the dog and injuring Mr. Dahl?s son.

After getting his son?s injury treated, Mr. Dahl took photographs he had taken as well as samples of the slag that had fallen into his boat to his boss, an act which Peter Levenda, probably with understatement, describes as ?a seminal event.?

This is because his boss was Fred Lee Crisman, the same Fred Lee Crisman who was subpoenaed twenty years later by District Attorney Jim Garrison as a suspect in the assassination of Kennedy.

If it ended there, it would just be an odd coincidence. But it does not end there. Far from it. Back in 1947, Crisman returned to the island where Dahl and party had been sheltering and collected debris. This debris had a short, bloody history on this earth. It was given by Crisman to two Army intelligence offers, whose plane went down while they were carrying it to their base. They were killed and the debris was lost. Everybody else escaped from the plane safely.

There is yet another connection between these early UFO events and Kennedy?s murderers. Another man involved with UFO reports in the Pacific Northwest during that period was Guy Bannister, the same Guy Bannister who rented office space in the same building as Lee Harvey Oswald when Oswald was running his Fair Play for Cuba Committee.

Levenda goes on to make more bizarre connections, that make it irrevocably clear that two men who were deeply involved in UFO matters in 1947 were also involved, although less obviously, in the complex human disaster that was the Kennedy assassination.

Had Kennedy lived, this world would almost certainly be a very different place. Kennedy was about to withdraw from Vietnam. He was interested in bringing the CIA to an end. He sought to lead us to look up, to ascend into space, to take our place among the stars.

Since his death, there has been no visionary president. In fact, we have endured a long succession of mediocrities, madmen, hypocrites and egotists, as worthless a lot of human rubbish as has been served up to the leadership of a great nation since the later emperors floundered through the palaces of Rome.

We have come, thus, to where we are now: at the edge of a horrendous, uncontrollable environmental catastrophe, led by the grandson of a Nazi who has replace those monstrous ideals of population control by war and murder with a religious extremism that will turn out to amount to the same thing.

We stand, all of us, upon the gallows with the noose about our necks. And, unseen, strange things happen in the environment, inexplicable things, that suggest that somebody with greater scientific knowledge is working subtly to bring the energies of nature to bear against us even as forces within our own society?forces also instigated by them and under their control?conspire to render us helpless in the face of the ?natural? disaster that is on the way.

The environment is collapsing much faster than any scientist, in his worst nightmares, imagined that it would just a few years ago. Too much is going wrong at once. The north polar cap is melting at a completely unprecedented rate. The Gulf Stream is about to become detached from its essential heat pump, with unknown consequences. As this is being written, a million people are evacuating the coast of China as a typhoon of extraordinary power races ashore. Summer melt in Greenland is appalling. Fires are burning in drought-ridden Portugal, Spain and North Africa even as India endures a monsoon gushing rain beyond imagining. New York has seen its hottest summer ever by a fantastic and frightening 5.5 degrees, and there is a massive, inexplicable swarming of fish, crabs and other marine life off the Gulf coast of Florida.

A few days ago, shrimp, crab, grouper, snapper, red fish and flounder, sea robins, needlefish and eels were observed moving southward in a column in eighteen inches of water off the coast at Englewood, Florida. This is not a known or understood phenomenon, and is in need of explanation, but it will not be explained, it will be ignored and forgotten as was the sudden blast of freezing cold water that appeared on beaches from New Jersey to central Florida two summers ago, when a sudden, fortunately temporary, weakening of the Gulf Stream enabled cold northern waters to penetrate halfway to the equator.

The worst, and strangest, imbalance is taking place off the coast of the US Pacific Northwest, where water temperatures have risen so high and so fast that plankton has died back, breaking the food chain at is foundation and leading to vast starvation of life across the whole area. The odd thing is that this ocean heating has no obvious cause. It is not a direct effect of wind borne heat. It is not coming from warmer waters to the south. In fact, south of the heated area, the waters are cooler.

It has, however, caused the marine cloud layer that normally keeps the Pacific Northwest cool to disappear, meaning that areas used to cool, damp and cloudy summers are suddenly being exposed to continental heat, the cities are breaking heat and drought records, and the forest is turning into a deadly tinderbox. If fire breaks out in this dense, isolated and ancient forest, thickly packed with brush and trees, it will be among the most horrendous forest fires seen in this era of great fires.

Meanwhile, the sun remains stubbornly active long after the solar minimum should have begun, and the earth?s magnetic field proceeds into the early stages of pole shift, a process that will bring it into chaos over the next few hundred years, with unknown consequences.

Despite all this and more, the US administration conducts itself as if nothing was happening, and fails to provide the leadership that could even now at least reduce the manmade aspects of the disaster and perhaps buy us a little time.

Instead, it has conducted a spectacularly ineffectual war against terrorism, and perhaps used aspects of terror attacks or even let them happen, to distract the public and keep us fearful and eager to support its authority, in exactly the same way the unpopular leader Adolf Hitler did when he engineered the burning of the German parliament, the Reichstag.

Fantastically, the National Security Council and the Administration were specifically warned no fewer than 52 times by the FAA before 911 that Arab terrorists planned to fly planes into tall buildings, in particular the World Trade Center. This fact was illegally classified until after the election, and Condoleeza Rice, who would have personally received the warnings, testified before congressional investigators that the administration was blindsided.

Either they are guilty of intentionally letting 911 happen, they did it themselves, or they are even more incompetent that the rest of the human junk that has clattered into the White House since Kennedy?s death.

And now we are within a hair?s breadth of another great catastrophe. If it is great enough, if it is nuclear, then freedom will end in the United States, and the next step will be an actual Nazi government, recast as a ?bible republic,? a replay of the dolorous horror that befell England when the Puritans gained power in the 17th Century, with the difference that our fanatics will have their fingers on buttons that are capable of destroying the world.

Of course, one might think that getting nuclear materials into this country would be hard. It should be, but that simply has not been true and still isn?t: Homeland Security is JUST NOW deploying devices capable of detecting nuclear weapons along our borders and in our ports. Just now, all these years after 911. Terrorists have had FIVE FULL YEARS to get nuclear materials into the US. They?ve been given plenty of time. More than enough. Now that it undoubtedly no longer matters, we?re deploying defenses that should have been put in place before the end of 2001, and would have been by an administration that did not want worse to happen.

What of the lives, what of the souls, what of the human future? Are we here to be exploited, cycled back into the oblivion of ignorance each time we begin to understand, forever and ever?

I say no. I stand against this. I will not have it, will not bear it, will not sit by pretending that it isn?t happening along with the meatheads of science and the bloated, ego-besotted children of the intellectual community.

A very complex event happened in 1947. Sinister forces descended upon us and began a process of destruction that has been unopposed until now, because it was not correctly understood and, above all, could not be seen because of its strangeness, its size and the skill with which it has been hidden.

It lies before you now, revealed in its clear and definite edges at last, by two authors working halfway around the world from each other, engaged in entirely different pursuits.

And the question has to be asked: what is to be done? The only thing we CAN do is to be ready to wake up the American public, which has been frightened into passivity by all these long years of terror, from Hiroshima through the years of the Cold War and Mutually Assured Destruction, to the false religious war being fought today, that really has to do not with Islam or Christianity, but with freedom and its destruction by other means.

And with the ruin of the earth, and the returning of the human seed to fields made fallow by our own destruction, from which we will claw ourselves up in fresh ignorance again and this age of knowledge will be forgotten then as completely as the last one is now, and we will go on along the eternal road laid down for us by our masters, possibly our creators, into the vastness of time.

No. It?s not enough. It?s time for us to wake up and face the truth, that we are a captive species on a prison planet, but the fact that we are so close to understanding the science of our imprisonment means that we are also just beginning to touch the key the locks the door, and if we are strong, if we defy and defeat the sinister forces that rule us now, we have a chance at last to unlock this place and do what we are able to do, that we are richly capable of doing, that those who love us?and they are out there, too?have hoped and sought that we should do from time immemorial, what Kennedy wanted us to do when he proclaimed, to his own destruction, that we were going to the moon and beyond.

One of the visitors?the good guys?told Colonel Phil Corso that what was on offer was ?a new world, if you can take it.? And that is exactly correct. If we wake up and begin to act sensibly on our own behalf, we will find that we can take it in both senses: we can bear it and we can get it however we must, by stealing it, by grasping it, by however we may, making it our own.

A new world. I promised, recently, that I would write a more hopeful journal entry. This is it.

?For whosoever hath, to him shall be given, and he shall have more abundance: but whosoever hath not, from him shall be taken away even that he hath.?

Do you understand this? Listen to your heart, and you will understand. We have committed five thousand years of hard, struggling history to our effort to escape the ancient bondage that captures us, and we have now a little gold. A little gold, in the form of a few, a tiny band of people, with an inkling of the truth.

Nature, though, has its own laws, which are greater even than the laws of our masters or they would have no need to hide themselves or deceive us or pester us with confusions to keep us weak. We have a little knowledge now of the truth, and no matter what happens to one soldier or another in the bloody field, somebody will take the next step and with luck and the good will of those who love us (and there IS good out there, believe me) we will, this time, break out of prison earth once and for all, and join our brilliance and our excellence to the tired old muscle that now reigns as the greatest expression of intelligence in the universe,

and seeks, on a level deeper than it knows but that we are uniquely qualified to see, to somehow find surcease from consciousness, and to come to rest at last in the memories of we the young.

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