This week we join a discussion of Maurice Nicoll’s last book, the Mark. At the end of the discussion, Whitley leads a five minute sensing exercise.

Maurice Nicoll was a psychiatrist and also one of the most deeply informed explorers of the deeper levels of Christian thought in modern times. As a psychiatrist, he is credited with the discovery, in World War I, of what was then known as shell shock, and is now understood as post-traumatic stress disorder. He was also a member of the Gurdjieff movement.

In two weeks, the group will begin discussing Dr. Nicoll’s book The New Man. Like the Mark, it is a deep and powerful examination of the inner meaning of the parables.
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Dr. Maurice Nocoll was one of the greatest interpreters of the gospels from an esoteric viewpoint who ever lived. In his books the Mark and the New Man, he explains that real religion is about the life of a hidden man who is unborn in all of us. The ascent of consciousness to the level of this new man is what the real religious journey is about.

Here, Whitley Strieber reads the first chapter of the Mark, with some brief commentaries of his own about how the advancing dictatorship of materialism is closing the door within us that leads to the higher world of what Dr. Nicoll calls ‘psychological man.’
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