The Swine flu pandemic never materialized, despite all the warnings that it could equal the Spanish flu pandemic of 1918, which killed millions of people. To the average American, this is a relief, but governments in Europe and the US spent a lot of money stockpiling what turned out to be useless Swine Flu vaccines and Tamiflu. What happened (or DIDN’T happen)?
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Where has swine flu been hiding all this time? Why, in swine, of course!

The H1N1 virus that everyone’s talking about was infecting pigs for at least 10 years before it recently jumped to humans. For Reuters, Maggie Fox quotes researcher Michael Worobey as saying, “This virus most likely has been circulating under the radar in pigs for the better part of 10 years. Once it jumped into humans it probably circulated for months under the radar. There is lots of room for improvement of our surveillance of swine flu in pigs.”
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It could be the water they’re drinking – Why are some people are getting Swine Flu and even dying from it, while others aren’t (or are getting such mild cases that they don’t notice it)? It could have to do with whether or not there is arsenic in their drinking water. Too much arsenic will kill anyone, although many water filtration systems pass through small amounts of it, but the problem might be that some people have a genetic vulnerability to even small amounts of this substance. New research suggests that low-dose exposure to arsenic in drinking water may significantly alter components of the immune system and cause a number of changes in the body

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