Beachcombing is a tougher job than it seems to be: First it was severed feet (still wearing sneakers!) washing up on beaches of Canada. Now it’s a giant eyeball washing up on the Florida shore. Could this be something alien?

The blue and purple colored eyeball is large enough to fit into the cupped hands of the man who found it, who immediately called the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission to see if they could identify it.

Marine scientist Heather Bracken-Grissom says, "Any time something weird and crazy washes up on the beach, it’s definitely interesting."
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Japanese scientists have taken the first photos of the elusive and endangered giant squid, which lives over a mile down in the ocean. Researchers have rarely glimpsed the giant squid in the ocean, but they know it exists because they have seen dead squid washed up on beaches or caught in nets. Scars from its tentacles are sometimes burned into the flanks of beached whales.

The photos of the squid suggest that it’s more active that scientists thought. The Japanese scientists spotted the creature, which can grow as large as 40 feet, by following sperm whales, which hunt the giant squid. There are legends that these squids come to the surface and drag down ships, but this may only be a legend. They do come up to around 1,000 feet from the surface at night.
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