If you were in possession of documents or artifacts that had to be preserved at all costs, and you were inhabiting a planet with an uncertain future, where would you hide these precious commodities?
Deep underground in a protective bunker? Fathoms under the ocean? Inside a mountain in a secret cave? Preserved within the ice of the polar regions?

Well, the answer is…none of the above.
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It’s a first! Space X has created a cargo craft that brought supplies to the International Space Station on October 10th, a task that NASA usually takes care of. Space X has signed a $1.6 billion contract with NASA for 11 more cargo trips.

Among other items, it brought the astronauts up there a special treat: ice cream (and clean underwear?)
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Despite Curiosity, our space program has pretty much moved to private companies. Now there’s a company that’s trying to raise cash to build an elevator to the moon. They hope to have it ready in less than a decade.

LiftPort’s Space Elevator Project is trying to raise $3 million on Kickstarter, and it’s already gone past its $8,000 goal for the first phase. A space elevator could take robots, cargo and humans to the surface of the moon, and space tourist dollars could eventually make the project pay off.
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