After fifteen years on life support and thirteen dayswithout it, Terri Schindler Schiavo has died. At the sametime, Pope JohnPaul was placed on a feeding tube afterbecoming too weak to eat.

Mrs Schiavo was a Catholic, and Catholic ethicist DennisMcCann, Ph.D., Wallace M. AlstonProfessor of Bible and Religion and Chair, Religious Studiesat Agnes Scott College near Atlanta said, “If giving thePope a feeding tube is the right thing to do, why is itwrong to deny the same to Terri Schiavo? In both cases themedical technology and the relevant moral principles arevirtually the same. The difference, however, lies in thediverging facts of the cases and a well-informedinterpretation of them. Terri Schiavo, alas, is brain dead ?the Pope is not.”
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