A comprehensive examination of the ground surrounding the tomb of Tutankhamun has found no evidence of undiscovered secret chambers, disappointing those hoping to uncover the still-undiscovered resting place of  the young pharaoh’s mother, Queen Nefertiti.

Hints that hidden passages might exist behind the walls of Tutankhamun’s tomb first surfaced in 2015, when inconsistencies in the tomb’s walls were revealed in high-resolution 3D scans made by Madrid-based conservation group Factum Arte. These inconsistencies led Egyptologist Nicholas Reeves to believe that they were caused by a series of hidden chambers, covered up by the plaster and murals lining The Boy King’s tomb. read more

The hunt is back on for the still-undiscovered tomb of ancient Egypt’s Queen Nefertiti, after the search for the controversial monarch stalled in 2016 due to a disagreement as to whether or not hidden chambers had been found in the tomb of Tutankhamun. Traces of what may have been two hidden doorways had been discovered using high-resolution scans of the boy-king’s tomb, although deeper scans into the stone walls failed to show any hidden passages, prompting Egypt’s Ministry of State of Antiquities to re-seal the site.
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