The mystery of what happens to our consciousness after death has preoccupied man since he was first able to philosophise. Most of the world’s religions are based around the premise that our souls continue to live after our physical demise, most suggesting that we go on to inhabit a heavenly place in the care of a deity or higher being. Science, however, has always questioned the existence of a God or a Heaven on the grounds that it is essentially a fantastic concept that would be impossible to prove beyond a reasonable doubt.

Or would it? A new study claims to have found credible and statistically significant evidence that there is a life after death.
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A psychology graduate student at the University of Ottawa says that she is able to leave her body at will, and has now done this while under a brain scan. It’s clear from the results that OBE is a special state, not a normal state of drowsiness, self-hypnosis or imagination. While her sleep quality was somewhat lower than normal, she had a higher than average level of imaging activity in her brain. She reported that she had been able to spontaneously leave her body all of her life, and was surprised that others could not do this.
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Strongest-Ever Scientific Evidence.

A British scientist studying heart attack patients says he has found evidence that consciousness may continue after the brain has stopped functioning and a patient is clinically dead. This means that science is now confronting the age-old religious questions about the existence of a soul that survives physical death.
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