An analysis of 2 million-year-old bones that were found in South Africa in 2008 identifies the transitional figure that came before modern humans–the best candidate for the original ancestor of the human line. This is something archeologists have been researching for years. The brain, hand and foot have characteristics of both modern and early pre-human forms, revealing that a transition was under way. This creature was small, the size of a chimpanzee, but with a configuration more human than a chimp, particularly a larger brain cavity behind and above the eyes.
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Road workers have discovered an ancient burial mound full of prehistoric treasures–in Indiana! When a bulldozer operator made off with some of it, he ended up in jail. When this prehistoric culture was discovered among the rolling hills of the state in the 19th century, it was called the "Hopewell Site," after the farmer who owned the 500 acres where artifacts were first found. The Archeology Daily News quotes archeologist Michele Greenan as saying, "What you’re seeing here is a complex of earthen structures that were very purposefully and very specifically built along this cultural more