If you were born bad, mom can save you–even BEFORE you’re born! It’s hard to think of a baby being violent or destructive, but the seeds of violence may be planted before a child is born, meaning that attention to health factors as early as the prenatal stage could prevent violence in later life.

Nursing expert Jianghong Liu says, "Violence affects everyone in society and the cost of violence also has an indirect impact on our lives. As a society we should invest in better health care for early life–as early as a growing fetus–in order to minimize their health risk factors for violence. It is never too early to intervene in the development of violent tendencies."
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God may change the brain, but being a mother does too! (NOTE: Subscribers can still listen to this show). New Moms often feel their brains have turned to mush, but new research shows that motherhood may actually cause the brain to GROW (something they NEED in order to cope with an infant). Psychologists have found that the brains of new mothers bulked up in areas linked to motivation and behavior, and that mothers who gushed the most about their babies showed the greatest growth in key parts of the mid-brain.read more

Scientists say the “terrible twos” are even more terrible if Mom smoked while she was pregnant. A psychiatrist has found that 2-year-olds who were regularly exposed to cigarette smoke in utero were nearly 12 times more likely to show clinical levels of behavior problems compared to toddlers who were not exposed.

Psychiatrist Lauren Wakschlag evaluated 93 children between their first and second birthdays. Forty-four of them were exposed to cigarette smoke before birth, and among those exposed, nearly half of their mothers reported smoking more than half a pack a day. The behaviors of exposed and non-exposed toddlers were compared.
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Is Mom getting tired of scented soap? Is she bored by costume jewelry? Two years from now, you might decide to get her the same old gifts?except THIS time, they will have made a trip into space and back!

A company in California says it can send an object of your choice into space and back for as little as $99, starting as early as 2008. The item you send has to fit into a soda can-sized container and weigh no more than about 12 ounces (in other words, about the size and weight of a nice necklace).

In New Scientist, Kelly Young quotes Michael Mealling of Masten Space Systems as saying, “We’ll launch anything, as long as it’s legal.”

Art credit: freeimages.co.uk
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